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Learning the alphabet is an important skill for your child. Use these preschool alphabet worksheets pdfs to teach your child the letters.

You’re looking for preschool alphabet worksheets pdf?

You’re in the right place.

Learning the alphabet and letter recognition are important preschool skills.

While my preschooler learned the alphabet from hands-on play, we still needed some worksheets.

His fine motor skills weren’t improving with play, and he needed more structure.

You’re probably experiencing the same thing.


  • your child needs to practice scissor skills consistently.
  • you don’t have the time for setting up activities.
  • you don’t have space for a lot of supplies.
  • your child just loves worksheets.

Whatever your reason, these preschool alphabet worksheets pdf will help your child with letter recognition.

These preschool alphabet worksheets have been really effective with my two older children. So check out this HUGE round-up of preschool alphabet worksheets.

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How do you teach preschoolers letters?

There are a lot of ways to teach your preschooler the letters.

You can:

  • Use alphabet magnets to make alphabet soup.
  • String alphabet beads on a necklace.
  • Read alphabet books like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.
  • Play with alphabet bathtub letters.
  • Use preschool alphabet worksheets.

Read more ideas about learning the alphabet with hands-on activities if you’d like to supplement worksheets with play-based learning.

Should a 4-year-old know the alphabet?

Yes, most 4-year olds should know the alphabet.  Knowing the alphabet is critical for learning to read and spell, and it is predictive of future reading success.

As a concerned parent, you want to teach your child to read. Letter recognition is a huge part of being ready to read, along with phonological awareness.

Children who have strong alphabetic knowledge are more likely to be strong readers.

You don’t need to panic if your four-year old doesn’t know the alphabet. Instead, just start practicing the alphabet with your child.

How do I Use Preschool Alphabet Worksheets?

There are a few guidelines for how you can use preschool alphabet worksheets:

  • establish routines for your children for when you’ll do learning activities.
  • work through the whole alphabet with one type of worksheet first.
  • circle back through the alphabet with another type of preschool alphabet worksheets.
  • work for just 5-10 minutes most days.
  • make it positive.
  • limit any negative feedback.

Looking for more worksheets? Check out Preschool Worksheet Packets.

1. FREE Alphabet Chart Printable

Grab this free printable alphabet chart to use with your preschooler.  The color copy can be used as a display while you sing the alphabet song or play I-spy with your child.

You can use the black and white copy of the alphabet chart like a worksheet.  Simply call out a letter for your preschooler and they can color it on the alphabet chart worksheet.

Print two copies of the color page and cut them apart. Then your child can play a matching game.

2. Cut and Paste Alphabet Worksheets

Preschoolers need strong scissor skills and these cut and paste alphabet worksheets are great for that.

It provides a structured scissor practice while also learning an important topic: the alphabet.

The Cut and Paste Alphabet Worksheets help your child:

  • identify the capital letters of the alphabet.
  • identify the lowercase letters of the alphabet
  • recognize letters in different fonts.
  • cut on a long line dot line.
  • snip on a short line.
  • use the right amount of glue stick.

Use these preschool alphabet worksheets pdf to develop scissor skills and letter recognition at the same time.

3. Q-tip Painting Printables

If you are looking for preschool alphabet worksheets that also build pencil grip, you’ll love these Q-Tip Painting Printables.

To have good pencil grip, your child needs a tri-pod grasp using their thumb and first two fingers. Q-tips force this grasp because they are so short.

With these printables, your child follows the arrows to learn proper letter formation, too.

How to Use Q-tip Painting Printables:

  • Grab a few q-tips
  • Print the q-tip painting printable
  • Give your child a small amount of washable paint.

4. Alphabet Dot the Letter Worksheets

Alphabet Dot the Letter Worksheets can be used separately or stapled into a workbook are fantastic for learning proper letter formation for capital letters. Your child will use dot stickers to fill in the capital letters.

This is helpful for developing a good pencil grasp.

5. FREE Dot Alphabet Worksheets

These free Dot Alphabet Worksheets can be printed and stapled into a booklet. It’s great for teaching your preschooler the lowercase alphabet and proper letter formation.

Use the dot stickers you have at home or grab our favorite dot stickers here.

Your child can also color the pictures on the Dot Alphabet Worksheets. This preschool alphabet worksheet pdf is sure to be a hit in your home.

Grab every worksheet your child needs right here

6. Alphabet Letter Circles Worksheets

The Alphabet Letter Circle Worksheets are perfect to use with your favorite dot markers.  Your child develops letter recognition by looking for the featured letter on each page.

Dot markers are great for developing hand-eye coordination. They are helpful for children who aren’t quite ready to hold a pencil. For older children, using a dot marker to stamp the letters is a lot of fun!

7. FREE Printable Caterpillar Letter Recognition Worksheets

This adorable free caterpillar letter recognition worksheet will be a hit with your preschooler.  Your child simply looks at the letter in the butterfly and colors the matching parts of the caterpillar.

For preschoolers still working on pencil grip, you can use broken crayons to help them develop a good tripod grip. This also gives your child more control to learn to color within the lines.

8. Alphabet Maze Worksheets

The Alphabet Maze Worksheets are fantastic for letter recognition and hand-eye coordination.  Your child simply draws a line through the matching letters to get from the beginning of the maze to the end.

Your preschooler can also color the pictures.

9. Alphabet Coloring Pages

These Alphabet Coloring Pages are great for preschoolers learning letter recognition.  Each letter of the alphabet has a thematic picture to color plus coordinating shapes.

Your child will simply color the shapes that have the featured letter on each other alphabet coloring pages.

10. Circle the Letter Worksheets

The Circle the Letter Worksheets are great for preschoolers who need to work on drawing a circle. Most children learn to draw circles around age 3.

So this is a skill your preschooler will want to develop. Have your preschooler use a broken crayon so it is easier to hold with a good grip.

These worksheets are fantastic for letter recognition. Your preschooler needs to find the letter even with different fonts.

11. Tracing Capital Letters Worksheets

The large size Tracing Capital Letters Worksheets are great for preschoolers. Learning to trace and write letters starts to develop in the preschool years. Most children know how to print a few letters (usually their name) by their 5th birthday.

Read more about Letter Tracing Worksheets here.

12. FREE Dot the Apples Alphabet Worksheet

Preschooler love dot markers. You can grab this free alphabet worksheet, along with a few more in Fall Worksheets.

This worksheet teaches your child the difference between capital and lowercase letters.

Alphabet Worksheets PDF

You can download all these alphabet preschool worksheets in one giant printable pack:

  • Dot the Alphabet Worksheets
  • Alphabet Circles Worksheets
  • Q-tip Painting Printables
  • Cut and Paste Alphabet – Capital Letters Printables
  • Cut and Paste Alphabet – Lowercase Letters Printables
  • Cut and Paste Alphabet – Beginning Sounds Printables
  • Alphabet Maze Worksheets
  • Alphabet Coloring Pages
  • Circle the Letter Worksheets
  • Tracing the Letters Printables

This huge printable alphabet worksheet pack is designed by a teacher.  Your preschooler will learn the alphabet AND develop their fine motor skills.


Using preschool alphabet worksheets pdf is a great way to teach your child letter recognition. You’ll give your child a huge advantage for reading and writing by helping your child learn the alphabet.

Grab your worksheets, make a plan, and get started today.

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