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Looking for a quality preschool worksheet packet pdf? Here you’ll find the resources your preschool child needs to master early learning skills.

A few weeks ago, a mom posted a question in my neighborhood moms’ Facebook group:

“Where can I find good preschool worksheets for my son?”

Instead of answers to her question, she received comments like this:

“He just needs to do hands-on learning.”

“Let him play, he’s just a kid.”

“It’s better for learning if you take him places like the science museum or library.”

Once the original mom was able to return to the Facebook thread, she stood up for herself:

“My son loves to do preschool worksheets. He begs to sit at the table and work. He’s a self-motivated child. I am only asking for a reliable source of quality preschool worksheet pdfs, please.”

You know what your child needs, so in this post you’ll find:

  • a variety of preschool worksheet packets.
  • several free printable preschool worksheet sets.

You’ll also find some answers to these frequently asked questions at the end of this post:

  • Should 3-year olds do worksheets?
  • Why are preschool worksheets important?
  • Should parents give preschoolers worksheets?

What should I teach my preschooler at home?

When you’re looking for preschool worksheet packets for your child. keep in mind these important skills for your child. Make sure the packets you choose include them.

Preschoolers need to learn:

  • alphabet – both upper and lowercase letters
  • counting up to 10
  • concepts of comparing (same and different)
  • concept of size (shorter, longer, taller, smaller, big)
  • shapes
  • emotions
  • tracing
  • sequencing (beginning, middle, and end)

If you are looking for a more hands-on way to teach your four-year-old, you’ll be interested in the best homeschool preschool curriculum.

Alphabet Worksheets

Preschool alphabet worksheets help 4-year-olds learn to identify capital and lowercase letters. Letter recognition is associated with future reading success.

This also builds an important skill called visual discrimination where your preschool child can see the differences in similar objects.

Grab these alphabet worksheets in the School Themed Preschool Worksheet Packet here or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Find more alphabet worksheets in the blog post Preschool Alphabet Worksheets.

Counting Worksheets

Learning to count is such an important skill for preschoolers. It’s really helpful to start kindergarten knowing how to rote count from 1-10.

But it’s even more important for your preschool child to have one-to-one correspondence. That means your child can count the correct number of items in a group.

In the worksheet pictured above, your child will see the first group of tools and correctly count: “1, 2, 3.” They will only assign one number to each item. This is one-to-one correspondence.

You can get this Construction Preschool Worksheet pack in the Printable Parents’ Shop on Teachers Pay Teachers or in the Printable Parents Shop.

Grab a free counting worksheet in Apple Preschool Worksheets.

Shape Worksheets

Learning shapes is foundational for geometry. But it also builds a ton of other skills like:

  • visual-spatial skills
  • visual discrimination
  • understanding of letter and number formation

So when your child colors in the popsicles with the different shapes, their brain is starting to recognize the attributes of two-dimensional shapes.

This free preschool shapes printable along with several others are available in the blog post Fall Worksheets.

Tracing Worksheets

Preschoolers start earning to write by scribbling and eventually making lines and curves. Tracing lines and curves is a precursor skill to learning to write letters.

You can grab these tracing worksheets in the Garden Preschool Worksheet Packet available in the shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Read more about teaching your child to write the alphabet in Letter Tracing Worksheets.

Sequencing Worksheets

Sequencing is such an important skill for preschoolers.  It demonstrates they have a logical understanding of how events happen.

What’s even more important is the language skills they develop. Preschoolers need to be able to communicate ideas more clearly once they get to school.

Practice with sequencing helps them develop the cognitive processes to organize and hold information in their brain.

Find a free color by number and line tracing worksheet in Winter Preschool Worksheets.

Emotions Worksheets

Teaching children about their emotions is foundational to all social-emotional learning. So having frequent practice with identifying the features of emotions and naming them is important.

Each Preschool Worksheet Packet PDF feature has emotions worksheets.

You can also grab this free emotions sort in Feelings Worksheets PDF.

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Preschool Worksheet Packets Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve seen the preschool worksheets, here are some tips and answers.

Should 3-year-olds do worksheets?

Sitting and doing a bunch of worksheets is not developmentally appropriate for a 3-year-old. I would not recommend it.

3-year-olds do not have the developmental motor skills to write or color in small spaces, plus they have a need to be active and move their bodies.

For most 3-year-olds, I would recommend doing mainly play-based learning activities for the majority of the time.

When you are looking for preschool worksheets pdf for a 3-year-old, using something like Road Alphabet (Letters & Numbers) is a great place to start.

It is large-sized for little 3-year old hands. Plus using these worksheets starts with a toy car instead of a writing tool.  Then as your three-year-old matures, you can use the black and white copies with markers for tracing.

Another option is using the Busy Binder Printables. It is more hands-on than worksheets and your three-year-old can use it again when they turn four and five-years-old.

Why are preschool worksheets important?

Once your child is four years old, preschool worksheets pdf become a little more important. While worksheets should not be the primary way to teach preschoolers, they can be valuable tools for several reasons.

For children who are in a traditional preschool, those allow teachers to see what students have learned.

Preschool teachers like all of us are strapped for time. They might not have time to prep a creative craft for every lesson but can use a single thematic worksheet to develop fine motor skills.

Preschool worksheet pdfs allow children to practice skills in a small space to develop their hand control and pencil grip.

Worksheets also can demonstrate to parents what children have learned in school. In addition to preschool worksheets, a preschool teacher would have a weekly newsletter and pictures of the students engaging in hands-on learning.

Should parents give their preschoolers worksheets?

Using worksheets is not necessary – it is merely a tool for parents and children who desire it.

At home, preschool worksheet pdfs help guide parents who aren’t familiar with the curriculum.

Most parents aren’t former teachers who can intuitively set up play-based activities. So having a resource of preschool worksheets pdf can show a parent exactly what their child needs to be learning.

Recapping Preschool Worksheet Packets PDF

  • Some children, families, and teachers choose to use worksheets with preschoolers
  • Look for worksheets that cover pre-academic skills like alphabet, tracing, counting, sequencing, and emotions.
  • You can grab a time-saving (and discounted!) Bundle of Preschool Worksheets
  • 3-year old worksheet usage should be minimal so they can have plenty of time to develop fine motor skills through hands-on activities
  • The Preschool Busy Binder is an alternative for three-year-olds.
  • Worksheets do help four-year-olds improve their tolerance for sitting at a table and doing seatwork.

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