Fall Worksheets (for Preschool & Kindergarten)


Look no further for fall worksheets for your preschool or kindergarten child. The five free fall worksheets will engage your young learner.

Fall is full of hands-on learning opportunities for children.

Raking leaves and carrying pumpkins build your child’s gross motor skills.  Sorting apples by color builds critical thinking skills.

But in between a trip to the pumpkin patch and picking a Halloween costume, you still need to teach your preschool child important early academic skills.

These fun and festive fall worksheets will help your little learner practice their preschool skills.

Scroll on down and grab the free fall worksheets for your preschool or kindergarten-age children.

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Preschool Fall Worksheets

These preschool fall worksheets cover important academic skills like shapes, counting, and letter recognition. They also include important fine motor skills like cutting, pasting, and coloring.

The Fall Worksheets for Preschool (and Kindergarten) include five free printables:

  • Dot the Apples Fall Worksheet
  • Preschool Subitizing Fall Worksheet
  • Shapes Fall Worksheet
  • Color by Number Fall Worksheet
  • Counting Fall Worksheet

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Dot the Apples Fall Worksheet

Letter recognition or alphabetic fluency is one of the two best predictors for reading success. So learning the alphabet is really important for your preschool or kindergarten child.

(The other critical predictor is phonological awareness).

It is important for preschool and kindergarten students to identify both the capital, or uppercase letter, and the lowercase letters.

In the Dot the Apples Fall Worksheet, your child will differentiate between the capital and lowercase letter Aa.

Using dot markers, your child will dot the capital letter A red and the lowercase letter a green.

Then your child can color the picture.

No dot markers? No problem. Just use crayons or regular markers.

Skills practice:

  • Letter recognition
  • Visual discrimination
  • Hand-eye coordination

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Preschool Subitizing Fall Worksheet

In preschool and kindergarten, it is an important skill that children can quickly recognize a quantity. This is called subitizing.

Subitizing shows that children are developing number sense, or a deep conceptual understanding of numbers and their values.

On the Preschool Subitizing Fall Worksheet, the apples have dots in them that range in value from 1 to 4.

Your child will color in the apple with the value of 2.

Skills practiced:

  • Subitizing
  • Counting
  • Critical thinking
  • Coloring in small shapes

Shapes Fall Worksheets

Learning shapes is an important math skill for preschoolers. It is the very first geometry skill children learn.

By kindergarten, children should be able to identify these common shapes:

  • circle
  • square
  • rectangle
  • triangle
  • oval

In the Shapes Fall Worksheet, your child will identify various shapes. Your child can practice the vocabulary: triangle, circle, and square.

Then your child will color in the leaves that have the triangle shape. Last, your child can color in the picture.

Skills practiced:

  • Identify shapes
  • Visual discrimination
  • Shape vocabulary
  • Critical thinking
  • Coloring within lines

Color by Number Fall Worksheet

Did you do color by number as a child? While it’s super fun, it also builds so many skills.

On this fall worksheet, your child will follow the key on the crayons to color the parts of the owl.

First, help your child color code the key with their crayons or markers.  For example, color the first crayon red. Then show your child how to color the leaves with the numeral 1.

Repeat with the second crayon. Ask your child to color it orange and show your child how the beak and feet are orange as well.

If your child catches on for the numbers 3 and 4, great. If not, it’s fine for your child to color however they like. You can come back to color by number another time.

Skills practiced:

  • Number recognition
  • Following a key
  • Coloring in small spaces
  • Color recognition
  • Selecting logical colors

Counting Fall Worksheet

Counting. a group of objects from 1 – 10 is another important skill for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Skills practiced:

  • cutting
  • pasting
  • matching
  • counting
  • one-to-one correspondence

How to Use Worksheets

Worksheets work best when they are a small part of your child’s preschool experience. Hands-on learning tends to be best for little learners.

So limit yourself to 1-2 worksheets at a time. Unless you have a child who loves worksheets and begs for them. Then just use your best judgment.

With preschoolers and kindergarten students, we want them to build skills. Try to praise effort and not worry too much about “right or wrong” answers.

Supplies for the Fall Worksheets

You probably already have all the supplies you need:

construction themed preschool worksheets

Want More Worksheets?

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The currently available themes include:

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Conclusion for Fall Worksheets

While hands-on learning is perfect for preschoolers and many kindergarteners, using the free fall worksheets can build a lot of important early learning skills.

So download the free printables from the box above, fire up your printer, and get ready to learn with your child.


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