Preschool Pumpkin Worksheets


Enjoy the fall season with your little one and these fun activities. The preschool pumpkin worksheets include a ton of important skills.

One of my favorite parts of sending my son to preschool last year was all the crafts and projects.  It was fun to watch how his interest grew during the school year.

Besides being fun, those craft activities also pack in tons of valuable skills.  In preschool and kindergarten, children pick up white glue and practice cutting on a line.  They have structured experiences with painting.

These Preschool Pumpkin Worksheets aren’t your traditional worksheets. Instead, there is cut, pasting, and painting so these worksheets give your child experiences with different fine motor skills.

You don’t have endless hours to do crafts at home to build skills with your child. So stop searching Pinterest or Google.

Just print and you’ll be ready to go. So check out the Preschool Pumpkin Worksheets below

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Preschool Pumpkin Worksheets

First here are the details you need to know:

This pack requires some of the messy but very important school skills like using glue, paint, and cutting.

There are some academic skills included: alphabet, counting, patterns, and tracing.

The pack is 10 pages. I wanted to keep it manageable and not overwhelming.

It’s affordable. You don’t need 80 pages and the matching higher price tag!

It’s light on ink. Most pages are black and white.

This allows for both creativity cuts down on your printing costs. Unless you have HP Instant Ink  – which I highly recommend!

10 pages of preschool pumpkin worksheets including tracing lines, cutting, alphabet, and dot painting

Supplies for the Preschool Pumpkin Worksheets

You probably already have most of these supplies you’ll need for the Preschool Pumpkin Worksheets.  Don’t rush out and buy stuff unless you really feel it’s completing a gap in your preschooler’s supplies.

Pumpkin Letter Tracing Worksheet

The Alphabet Patch is great for matching alphabet magnets or other manipulatives.

The Learning Resources Alphabet beads also work really well!

We ended up freezing them and doing an ice excavation!

Pumpkin Cutting Worksheet

If your preschooler has advanced scissor skills, they can cut on the gray lines around the pumpkin.  If not, you can.

Then your preschooler can cut the black lines on the pumpkin.  Save those pieces, mix them up, and put them back together as a puzzle!

When your child is through, paste them on a white paper and decorate as a pumpkin patch.

There are so many skills and so much learning in this single printable!

Pumpkin Patterns Worksheet

On this printable your child can either color or use a colored manipulative like pom poms to find the pattern.

It starts with easy patterns like ABAB (orange, yellow, orange, yellow) and works up to a complex ABCB pattern (green, orange, yellow, orange).

This sheet would even be a good review for a first grader so if you have an older child at home, too, they can join in on the fun.

We buried our pom poms in this sensory bin.

Count the Pumpkin Seeds Worksheet

Your child will color the pumpkins and the seeds.  Then your child will get more practice with scissor and pasting skills.

They will count out the correct number of pumpkin seeds and paste them on each pumpkin.

Dot the Pumpkin Worksheet

You can fill the dots on this pumpkin in so many ways.

One way is with dot stickers. Peeling dot stickers off a page is so great for strengthening pencil grasp.  If you have orange dot stickers, give that a try.

Fingerprints or dot markers (as pictured) are also great.  Your child will build their hand-eye coordination and skill of making the print in a small space.  This little sheet packs a lot of skill.

You can make this page more advanced by writing in letters for your child. You can call out the letters for your child to cover.

Q-tip Paint the Pumpkin Worksheet

Use q-tips and washable paint to paint the pumpkins. Painting with q-tips is great for fine motor skills.

First, it develops pencil grasp. It is so short that a child has to hold it with the tripod grasp.

Second, it requires filling a small space which is also a challenge to little hand muscles.

Pumpkin Shape Tracing Worksheet

Your child will trace a dotted line of a pumpkin.  Tracing a line requires and develops hand control as your child works to stay on the lines.

Your child can use a washable marker or a crayon. However, if your child is struggling with pencil grasp, use broke crayons.  It forces a good grip.

Match the Pumpkin Seeds Worksheets

Your child will draw a line to connect the number to the pumpkin with the same number of seeds. The primary goal is counting.

However, this type of activity also requires children to draw a diagonal line.  This is a precursor for writing and important for preschoolers and kindergarteners to master.

Paint the Pumpkin Preschool Worksheet

First, color the vines green. I recommend skinny markers for this task.  Or give your child green washable paint and a q-tip to paint the vines and leaves.

Next, your child will use their fingerprints to add the correct number of pumpkins to each vine.

This activity is great for sensory experiences as well.  Fingerpainting helps children explore a different tactile sense.

preschool pumpkin worksheet with tracing lines for pumpkins to jack-o-lanterns

Jack O’ Lantern Trace the Lines Worksheet

Trace the lines to match a pumpkin to a jack o’lantern.  The tracing on this activity ranges from easy to much harder.

You can place this one in a dry erase sleeve and practice it several times during the fall.

Preschool Pumpkin Printables

Grab these printables over in the shop today. Enjoy a low-stress way to celebrate fall while helping your child develop some important school and academic skills.

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