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Anne Wahlgren
Teacher – Wife – Mom – Blogger

I was a second grade teacher on the principal track.  

By the age of 30, I had one Masters of Arts degree in Elementary Education and another one in Educational Administration. My sights were set on serving the world by leading schools.

Then we had a baby.

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My husband, Kyle, and I decided I’d take a few years of off teaching to stay home. Kyle pointed out that Anne Wahlgren, M.A.,M.A. spells MAMA after all.

We needed to be frugal to live on Kyle’s income, so I learned to how to coupon thanks to the internet, and six months later, I was a weekly contributor on a coupon blog.

Ann Marshall Photography

Then that baby got her autism diagnosis.

I found myself creating dozens printable visuals to help my daughter manage her big feelings and learn new skills. I created loads of printable organizers to help my husband and me manage our home and reach for our dreams. And I wanted an outlet to share my resources to help other parents.  

So welcome to Printable Parents, our little corner of the internet. This website is the combination of my experience so far: teaching, marriage, parenting, and blogging.

Solutions for better days

I’m here to help you find your better days, too. Whether it’s balancing the crushing weight of a new diagnosis or a tight budget, or just managing the chaos known as modern parenthood, I will help you find solutions.

At Printable Parents, we are all about naming our problems and experimenting until we find a solution.  We celebrate each baby step toward better days.

We believe the challenge is the opportunity. The horrible meltdown. The struggle over washing hands. The messy kitchen. The wasted time on Facebook . These are our chances to find a better way.

Small solutions make for better days.