Dot Marker Printables (For Toddlers and Older Children!)

Looking for a low-messy but high fun activity for your toddler or older child? Dot marker printables are an engaging way to build skills.

Chances are that if you follow any activity bloggers or influencers, you’ve seen dot markers.

But you’re probably wondering if they are necessary to have a home. You already have tons of crafts supplies.

Dot markers are incredibly fun. Plus they are an easy-to-use art supply that allows your little ones to be creative and learn.

Find out all about dot makers and grab some free dot marker printables in this post.

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text reads free dot marker printables white worksheet with a fish with circles filled in blue and orange ink and an orange and blue dot marker

What are dot marker activities?

Dot marker activities use an art supply similar to bingo daubers called a dot marker. Like regular markers, they are cylinder-shaped.

But instead of a felt tip, they have a little sponge. That sponge absorbs the ink in the marker.

Children simply unscrew the lid off the dot marker, then press the sponge tip on paper. The tip makes a dot, or a circle, that is approximately 3/4 inches in diameter.

When starting with dot marker activities for your toddler, using dot marker printables is a great way to start.

Free Dot Marker Printables

You can grab some free ocean-themed dot marker printables below. These printables are a free gift for email subscribers.

So simply scroll down to the box and enter your name and your email address.

Then the printables are sent straight to your email. Open the email I send you and click the link.

The printables will open up in your browser. You can print them as many times as you like but they are for your individual and personal use only.

How to Use Dot Marker Printables

It’s really easy to use the dot marker printables:

  • Print the printables.
  • Hand the dot marker to your child.
  • Demonstrate how to unscrew the cap.
  • Show your child how to dot inside the circles.

You will want to check for bleed-through with your brand of dot markers. I buy Do-a-Dot washable dot markers because they don’t stain hands and they are non-toxic.

But even with markers advertised as washable it’s still wise to make sure they won’t stain your surfaces.

What are dot markers good for?

If you’re unfamiliar with dot markers, you’re probably wondering what all the hype is. Like many parents, you’re wondering if dot markers are worth the investment.

The truth is that dot markers have a bunch of benefits that make them an ideal art supply for children:

  • they are perfectly sized for little hands
  • dot markers are low on mess
  • they encourage creativity
  • dot markers require fewer motor skills than regular markers
  • they build fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • they make practicing academic skills more interactive and fun

While dot markers are fun, they are also an excellent tool for building lots of different skills.

What ages are dot markers good for?

Dot markers can be used with toddlers as young as 18 months old.

When using with toddlers, you need to make sure your children no longer put things in their mouths. Also, make sure to select a non-toxic dot marker.

Dot marker activities are great for older children as well. Preschoolers can use dot markers or art projects or with printables that build hand-eye coordination.

School-aged children also enjoy using dot markers for coloring and crafts. They can use dot markers with academic dot marker printables like the alphabet and sight words.

Why are dot markers good for toddlers?

Dot markers help toddlers develop lots of skills:

  • hand-eye coordination
  • motor skills like twisting the cap
  • working within a small space
  • practice with naming colors

Because they don’t require the same control as a regular marker, dot markers are a good first art tool for toddlers.

dot marker printable worksheet of a cartoon bear outline filled with dozens of empty circles. The circles on the bear's face are dotted with a brown dot marker

Even More Dot Marker Printables

If you love the free printables, you’re going to want to check out the Complete Dot Marker Printables Bundle.

It has over 120 pictures that feature a bunch of fun early childhood themes. Some of the thematic dot pages are:

  • Solar system
  • Plants
  • Vehicles
  • Zoo animals
  • Pets
  • Snacks
  • School
  • Sports
  • Dinosaurs
  • Insects
  • Holidays
  • and tons more!

Those same dot marker pages come in three varieties in the Complete Dot Marker Printables. You will find:

  • blank printables
  • letter identification printables
  • number identification printables

So while your toddler can just happily dot away on the blank printables, these dot marker printables will grow with your child for years to come.

The Complete Dot Marker Printables has over 360 pages of dot activities for your child. You can also find them on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Alphabet Dab and Dot Worksheets

Your preschool-age child can use the Alphabet Dab and Dot Worksheets. They have the same pictures as the blank dot marker printables, but there is one letter filled into each bubble.

There are many ways you can use these alphabet printables:

  • your child simply says the letter as they dot.
  • you call out letters for your child to identify and dot.
  • place alphabet magnets in a basket and your child pulls out the letter to dot.

Older children can use these, too! Early elementary children can:

  • dot when say the letter sound. You say, “/S/” and your child dots the letter s.
  • dot when they hear the first sound. You say, “Dot the letter that spells the first sound in snake.” Your child dots the S.

The Complete Dot Marker Printables truly grow with your child.

Numbers Dot Marker Printables

Preschool children can also use the Numbers Dot Marker Printables. Like the alphabet printables, they contain the same images as the blank dot marker printables.

These pages have one numeral in each dot.

Like the alphabet printables, your preschool child can:

  • Call out the numbers as they dot.
  • Dot as you call out the numbers.
  • Roll one dice, identify the quantity from 1-6, and dot the correct number.

Your older child can also use the numbers printables. Early elementary children can:

  • Roll two dice, add the numbers, and dot the correct sum from 2-12.
  • Roll three dice, add all three numbers, and dot the correct sum from 3 -18.
  • Practice subtraction as you call out equations like 10 -6 and your child dots 4.

The Complete Dot Marker Printables are meant to give your family value and fun learning opportunities for years!

Dot the Sight Word Printables

For children in kindergarten through third grade, the Dot the Sight Word printables make learning fun.  This printable pack includes all 220 Dolch Sight Words.

When you teach your child sight words, there is a better way. Instead of boring flashcards, your child can have fun reading and then dotting the sight words.

These worksheets also include each target sight word in bubble letters. This way your child and you can color code the known and tricky phonetic patterns in each word.

For example, in the word “the:”

  • the letters th are green because they spell the /th/ sound
  • the letter e is red because it spells the trickier schwa sound /uh/.

Use Dot the Sight Word Printables to make learning sight words easier for your child. You can also find them on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Dot the Apples Alphabet Worksheets

For children learning the alphabet, Dot the Apples Alphabet Worksheets make learning more hands-on.

Your child will practice identifying the difference between capital and lowercase letters.  Using red and green dot markers, your child color code based on capital and lowercase letters.

Each page also has a fun picture to color. Use one at a time or bind with the optional cover to create a workbook.


Recapping Dot Marker Printables

Here’s what busy parents need to know about dot marker activities:

  • They are great for little hands.
  • Dot marker activities are low on mess but high on building skills.
  • Toddlers and big kids can use dot markers.
  • Choose a washable brand but check for bleed through.
  • Use dot markers to fill the circles on dot marker printables (grab the free printables!)
  • Your preschooler and school-age children can practice academic skills like the alphabet and letter recognition; counting, addition, and subtraction, and sight words.

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