Learning the Alphabet (Printable Alphabet Chart)

Learning the alphabet is important. Check out 10+ alphabet activities ideas for your child, including a printable alphabet chart.

As a parent, you know that learning the alphabet is important. And you’re absolutely right!

Research shows that alphabetic knowledge is predictive of future reading success.  Much of formal schooling requires strong reading skills, so giving your child a strong foundation with the alphabet is important.

But you’re still wondering: what are the best ways for learning the alphabet?

Check out this list of 10+ activities for learning the alphabet.

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Do 4-year olds need to know the alphabet?

Yes. According to the CDC and the developmental benchmarks, most four-year-olds know the alphabet.

But what if your four-year old struggles as they are learning the alphabet?

First, don’t panic. There is a developmental range of 2 to 5 years old.

If your four-year-old is able to recall other things and is meeting all the other developmental milestones, give it a little more time.

Second, start practicing. Set aside 5-15 minutes a day for learning the alphabet.

The ten activities below will be helpful, plus you can grab a free printable alphabet chart.

1. Free Printable Alphabet Chart

Grab the free printable alphabet chart and use it with your preschooler.

You can display the color copy of the printable alphabet chart and point to it as you sing the alphabet song.

Use the black and white copy of the printable alphabet chart like a coloring sheet.

Ask your child to locate and color the picture for each letter of the alphabet. You could say, “Color the L. Ladybug. /l/.”

2. Alphabet Sensory Bin

Grab any alphabet toys you have. Magnets, puzzle pieces, letter beads – they all work.

Dump them in a large plastic bin with a sensory base like dried beans, rice, or uncooked pasta.

Your child can scoop out the pieces and name the letters.

This activity is perfect for children who are new to the alphabet. You can casually name the letters for your child as they dig and play.

3. Make an Alphabet Tree

Making the size large is a great way to increase interest for your child when learning the alphabet.

Here’s what to do:

  • Grab a large piece of paper.
  • Draw a large tree.
  • Write 5-10 letters on paper and tape them to the tree.
  • Or use apple post-it notes (like pictured).
  • Ask your child to pick the letter from the tree as you call it.

You can make this activity work in any season. Just use:

  • apples in the fall,
  • lights or snowflakes in the winter,
  • flowers in the spring, and
  • sunshine or peaches in the summer.

4. Read Alphabet Books

Reading alphabet books to your child is a fantastic way for them to learn the alphabet.

They get all the benefits from hearing you read aloud and they also build their knowledge about the alphabet.

These are some of our favorite alphabet books:

5. Listen to Alphabet Songs

If you can tolerate it, listen to an alphabet CD in your car or play it through a Bluetooth device.

While the alphabet music can get boring for adults, it takes pretty much zero effort from you.

Road Letters and Numbers Printable Pack

6. Alphabet Road Letters

Toddlers, preschoolers, and older children love this hands-on activity.  Just print out the Alphabet Road Letters and grab a toy car.

Your child will have a great time learning the alphabet with these activity mats.  You can also teach letter formation with them as your child starts at the green light and ends at the stop sign.

7. Dump Truck Alphabet

Grab a dump truck and hide some magnet letters in your living area.

As you drive the dump truck around, your child can pick up the letters.

If they are learning the alphabet, you can name the letter for them as they place it in the truck.

For children who have strong alphabet knowledge, they can identify the letter prior to putting it in the truck.

8. Watch Alphabet Shows

Instead of watching Paw Patrol for the hundredth time, consider shows like Sesame Street.

My daughter Molly learned the alphabet from the DVD Sesame Street Alphabet Songs at 2 years old.

Screentime can be purposeful if you use it intentionally.

Beginning Sounds Worksheets

9. Make the Alphabet with Play-doh

Help your child learn the alphabet by playing with play-doh. Your child and you can roll play-doh into logs.

They use some sort of alphabet worksheet or chart to show your child how to form the letter properly.

If your child is ready to learn beginning sounds, check out the Beginning Sounds Worksheets.

10. Use Alphabet Worksheets PDFs

While there a plenty of hands-on ways for learning the alphabet, there is a place for using alphabet worksheets PDFs:

  • Your child loves worksheets and the sense of accomplishment
  • You need a structured approach
  • You want to do double-duty and work on scissors or pencil skills at the same time.

Everything Alphabet Printable Pack is the tool busy parents need. It’s the RIGHT resource that’s the perfect amount engaging and developmentally appropriate.

With these alphabet worksheet pdfs, you will:

  • get started practicing letters and sounds today.
  • save time searching Pinterest for activities.
  • see your child become a confident reader.

All you need to do is print the alphabet worksheet PDFs. Then set aside 10 minutes on weekdays to work with your child.

This pack makes it predictable AND fun for your child. Plus your child will also learn how to:

  • cut on a line
  • use the right amount of glue
  • hold a pencil properly
  • draw a circle
  • correctly form the capital letter

My four-year-old already knows the alphabet. But he doesn’t like coloring, drawing circles or lines, and cutting and pasting.

So these printable alphabet PDFs are also excellent for developing fine motor skills.

Recapping Learning the Alphabet Activities

Here’s the summary of the learning the alphabet activities for busy parents:

  1. Printable Alphabet Chart
  2. Alphabet Sensory Bin
  3. Alphabet Tree
  4. Read Alphabet Books
  5. Listen to Alphabet Songs
  6. Drive cars on Alphabet Road Letters
  7. Play Dump Truck Alphabet
  8. Watch Alphabet Shows
  9. Make the Alphabet with Play-doh
  10. Use alphabet worksheet PDFs.


If you value academics, it’s great to work on them with your preschooler.

Learning the alphabet is important and you can teach it your child.

Make sure to download your Printable Alphabet Chart today.

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