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Since I’ve started teaching Kindergarten reading groups, I’m reminded how important letter knowledge is.

English is an alphabetic language. Children need to know the letter names well to be successful with reading and writing.

Fortunately, parents and teachers can teach letter names and sounds pretty easily with these Letter M Worksheets.

Grab the free printable letter M worksheets below and get teaching your child the letter M today!

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Free Letter M Worksheets

You’ll find six free letter M worksheets in this blog post:

  • Letter M Color by Number Worksheet
  • Letter M Cut and Paste Worksheet
  • Letter M Capital and Lowercase Letters Worksheet
  • Letter M Dot the Letter Sounds Worksheet
  • Letter M Tracing Worksheet
  • Letter M Mini-book Worksheet

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Letter M Color by Number Worksheet

The first step in learning a letter is to recognize it. Using the letter M color by number worksheet helps your child develop their letter recognition skills.

Using the Worksheet

If this is your child’s first time with color by number, you’re going to want to model for your child:

  1. Print two copies.
  2. Gather two pink crayons and two orange crayons.
  3. Show your child how to color in the first crayon in the key orange and the second key pink.
  4. Allow them time to color in those crayons on the worksheet.
  5. Then show your child the first space in the upper left hand corner.
  6. Say, “I see the letter V. This isn’t M so I color it in pink.”
  7. Allow your child time to do the same.
  8. Point to one of the spaces with a letter M.
  9. Say, “I see the letter M. I need to color this space orange.”
  10. Give your child time to color in the same space.
  11. Repeat until you feel your child has the hang of it.

Skills Developed

Your child will develop:

  • Letter recognition
  • Visual discrimination
  • Letter naming skills
  • Knowledge of color words
  • Coloring within the lines

You can find more Color by Letter Worksheets here.

Letter M Cut and Paste Worksheet

This letter M worksheet gives your child the chance to recognize capital and lowercase M in different fonts. Your child will also practice their scissor and gluing skills with this worksheet.

Using this Worksheet

You’ll want to show your child how to:

  1. Cut off the letter section on the right side.
  2. Print two copies so you can model cutting it off in one long strip.
  3. Then you can show your child how to cut off one piece at a time and glue it down.
  4. Name the letters with your child. Show them that only the letters M get pasted down.

Skills Developed

  • Cutting off in a straight line
  • Cutting small snips
  • Recognizing M in different fonts
  • Sorting the letter M from other letters.
  • Using a glue stick.

Letter M Capital and Lowercase Letters Worksheet

I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t love using Do-a-Dot Markers. You can also just use crayons or regular markers.

Your child will notice the difference between the capital M and the lowercase letter m on this letter M worksheet.

Using this worksheet

  1. Ask your child to color or dot the red marker red and the green marker green.
  2. Then point to the first letter in the first apple.
  3. Show your child to reference the key to decide which color to use.
  4. Dot or color in the apple.
  5. Repeat with the rest of the letters
  6. Your child can use crayons or markers to color in the picture of the girl.

Skills Developed

  • Capital and lowercase knowledge
  • Discrimination of capital and lowercase letter M
  • Coloring in a small space (if using crayons)
  • Unscrewing a lid (if using dot markers)

Letter M Dot the Letter Sounds Worksheet

While learning letter names is the best predictor of future reading success in preschoolers, letter-sound knowledge is the best predictor at the end of the kindergarten year.

So you want your child to hear letter sounds. This letter M worksheet helps your child learn the sound /m/ for M.

Using this worksheet

  1. Print the worksheet.
  2. Teach your child how to unscrew a dot marker.
  3. Tell your child M spells the sound /m/.
  4. As your child dots the macaroni say, “M, macaroni, /m/.”
  5. Repeat with the other pictures saying, “M, monkey, /m/. M, magnet, /m/. M, mailbox, /m/.”

Skills Developed

  • letter sound knowledge
  • matching sound to a keyword
  • unscrewing a dot marker
  • hand-eye coordination

Letter M Tracing Worksheet

Your child will write the letter M on this tracing worksheet. It shows proper letter formation step-by-step for capital M and lowercase m.

Using the Tracing Worksheet:

  1. Using your finger, show your child how to trace the capital M. Follow the numbers for each stroke.
  2. Your child uses a crayon to trace.
  3. Repeat with the lowercase letter m.
  4. Show your child how to trace the gray capital M starting at the black dot.
  5. Ask your child to print their own letter M at the other black dots.
  6. Repeat with the lowercase m.
  7. Ask your child to color the picture.

Skills developed with the tracing worksheet:

  • tracing
  • letter formation
  • coloring inside the lines

Letter M Mini-book Worksheet

The letter M mini-book worksheet gives your child to the chance to color pictures and learn beginning letter sounds. It’s an early opportunity to show your child they can write books, too!

Using the Mini-book

  1. Fold the book in half horizontally.
  2. Then fold in half again so the letter M and name space are on the front.
  3. Show your child how to color the M and print their name.
  4. Read the book taking time to read each picture name.
  5. Point out how the pictures all start with the sound /m/.
  6. Have your child color the pictures.

Skills developed:

  • name writing
  • turning pages
  • letter sound knowledge
  • coloring inside the lines

More Alphabet Worksheets

You probably want your child to get practice with the whole alphabet. So check out these resources:

Everything Alphabet Bundle

This bundle has 11 worksheets for each letter of the alphabet! Your child will develop important fine motor skills like coloring, tracing, and cutting when they work on these worksheets. Their letter recognition and letter name skills will have them ready for kindergarten.

For just $1 a letter, you can grab this complete Everything Alphabet Bundle for 50% in the shop.

Alphabet Dab and Dot Letter Worksheet

There are over 120 thematic pictures in this Dab and Dot Worksheet set.  You can simply ask your child to name the letters as they dab, but you can also:

  • Call out the letters on each sheet and your child will dot them (letter recognition).
  • Ask your child to dot the initial or final sound they hear in words you say (phonemic awareness).
  • Place alphabet magnets in a basket or bowl and have your child draw one and dot the letter (visual discrimination).

So while your child will think they are having fun, they are doing a ton of learning!

Grab the Alphabet Dab and Dot Letters Worksheet in the Printable Parents Shop. These Alphabet Dot Marker Worksheets are also available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Letter M Worksheet PDF

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