Winter Preschool Worksheets


Whether you’re snowed in for the fourth day of a blizzard or you’re wearing shorts in the Florida sunshine, you need to keep your child learning this winter. Do yourself a favor and grab these cute winter preschool worksheets.

Fall is definitely my favorite season, but winter is a close second. I mean, the winter activities like drinking cocoa and snuggling under a warm blanket are my jam.

But when you’re cooped up for too long, the motivation to find activities to occupy your child starts to wane.

That’s why these fun winter preschool worksheets are so great. All you do is print and go.

Pour yourself another cup of tea and pull up a chair alongside your child. Then let the learning happen.

Winter Preschool Worksheets

Preschool worksheet packets can make helping your preschooler learn at home really easy.  Just download the pdf, print and go. Your child is ready to learn all winter.

Remember that most of your preschooler’s learning needs to be through hands-on play. But for busy parents, having a winter worksheet packet can a real life-saver.

This worksheet packet has 45 pages. You’ll find these winter printables inside:

  • snowman capital letter identification (5 pages)
  • mitten lowercase letter recognition (5 pages)
  • capital letter tracing worksheets (6 pages)
  • lowercase letter writing practice worksheets (4 pages)
  • snowman line tracing worksheets (4 pages)
  • mat and hat color by numbers (2 pages)
  • snowman shapes coloring (2 pages)
  • same and different worksheets (2 pages)
  • counting worksheets (6 pages)
  • cut and paste worksheets (5 pages)

Free Winter Worksheets for Preschoolers

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The free printables include:

  • Winter Color by Number
  • Snowman Line Tracing Worksheet

This is a free gift for email subscribers and not intended to be shared beyond your home or individual classroom. You can send your friends and colleagues to this website to get their own copy. Do not share these printables online.

Already know you want the whole set? Grab it on Teachers Pay Teachers or in the Printable Parents Shop.

Mitten Lowercase Alphabet Letter Matching Worksheets

Identifying letters is an important preschool skills. Your child will get plenty of practice with the lowercase alphabet matching worksheets.

In each row, your child will look at the letter in the hat and match the lowercase letters in the mittens. They show it is a match by coloring in the matching mittens and leaving the others blank.

These worksheets are also super helpful for building coloring skills. So even if your preschooler excels at the alphabet, they will get plenty of practice coloring in a small space.

Hot tip: using broken crayons gives your child more hand control than using a whole crayon for this activity.

Capital Letter Tracing Printables

Tracing large size letters is really helpful for preschoolers. Those tiny spaces in the workbooks you’ll find at the Dollar Store are too small for little hands.

Learning to print in a small space and learning proper letter formation are different skills. So give your child a lot of practice with larger-sized letters when they are learning to print.

Check out the large size Capital Letter Tracing in the Printable Parents’ shop.

Winter Color by Number Worksheets

Color by number is so helpful for preschoolers.  It builds these skills:

  • color in a small space
  • number recognition
  • color recognition

When your preschool starts doing color by number, make sure you are looking for worksheets with large spaces.

Winter Preschool Counting Worksheets

Counting is a really important preschool skill. Children need to develop one-to-one correspondence, or how to count that each object is one thing.

Another important skill is subitizing. This means children look at a quantity and their brains automatically recognize its value.

In this printable, children look at the quantity on the dice and color in the mitten the correct color.  Your child will probably need to count the dots, but with time, they’ll learn to recognize without counting.

Snowflake Tens Frame Worksheet

This winter counting printable worksheet is so powerful. The rectangle featured is called a tens frame.

Our number system is based on tens. So learning to recognize and count in groups of tens accurately and eventually automatically is really important.

Since your child might not know how print the numerals yet, they only need to color in the number in the circles below each tens frame.

Number Tracing Worksheets

Much like learning to trace capital letters, learning to print numbers is best when your child has a larger size number to trace.

On this worksheet, your child will trace the number and then color in the right quantity of mittens. So they are building their number sense while learning to write.

Emotions Matching Worksheet

Learning to manage big feeling starts with an awareness of emotions first. So build that with your child with emotions matching worksheets.

On this worksheet, your child first cuts out three snowman faces. Then your child will need to match it to the other snowmen on the worksheet.

Your child will study the snowman’s face to see its expression. You can name the emotion for your child.

This builds emotional intelligence and also gets your child to notice details in the face. This builds visual discrimination, or the ability to notice slight differences.

Winter Mitten Matching Cut and Paste

This winter matching preschool worksheet also builds visual discrimination. There are a lot of subtle details in those mittens for your child to pay attention to.

Hot tip: It’s best to have your child cut and glue one or two at a time so the little pieces don’t get lost.  For preschool teachers, this activity is best done in a small group to manage all those tiny mittens.

Preschool Winter Worksheet Packet

While preschoolers need the majority of their learning to be play-based, worksheet packets can be super helpful. So grab your winter worksheet packet today.

It’s available on Teachers Pay Teachers or in the Printable Parents Shop.

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