Addition Color by Number


Your child needs to learn addition facts. You can use addition color by number to give them valuable practice in an engaging way.

Every year I taught 2nd grade, we would give our students timed addition tests. Learning those math facts was important so students could be successful with harder tasks.

But for many students, those tests were really challenging. They needed more practice to learn the addition math facts automatically.

Color by addition facts is a great way to get your child or students more practice. Coloring is fun and engaging for many learners.

So grab some free addition color by numbers worksheets and get practicing today!

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Addition Color by Number

Addition Color by Number Worksheets are a type of Color by Code Worksheets.  Instead of using a number to represent each color, there is an addition problem.

A child needs to solve the addition problem, identify the sum, and look to the key to match the sum to the correct color. When they color in each space, the mystery picture becomes complete.

Color by Number Addition to 10

These color by number worksheets feature addition problems to 10. This means each sum is 10 or less.

These addition coloring sheets include these addition math facts:

  • numbers 1-8 plus 0 (1+0, 2+0, etc)
  • numbers 1-6 plus 1 (1+1, 2+1, etc)
  • numbers 2-8 plus 0
  • numbers 2 -8 plus 1
  • doubles to five (1+1, 2+2, 3+3, 4+4, 5+5)
  • mixed practice of +0, +1, and doubles facts

Benefits of Addition Color by Number Worksheets

Your child needs to learn the addition math facts. But using addition color by number worksheets provides these benefits:

  • math fact repetition
  • learning to follow a key
  • coloring in a small space
  • task persistence

Math Fact Repetition

Learning addition facts to automaticity means a lot of practice for some children.  Doing a worksheet with just 50 problems can be really boring.

Color by addition facts has a large volume of problems, too. But they are hidden inside a surprise picture. This gives your child repetition in a more exciting way.

Learning to Follow a Key

When children learn to follow a key in color by code worksheets, they learn valuable skills. The color key teaches them the basics of following a key for map skills.

This reinforces symbolic thinking for children. This means they understand that one symbol can represent another concept.

Coloring in a Small Space

A lot of adults take coloring skills for granted. But many children need systematic practice to color in small areas.

This requires the ability to perceive the lines and understand that they form a boundary. Children also need the hand control to stop their crayons from crossing over the line.

Color by number worksheets give your child a chance to practice this skill.

Task Persistence

Let’s face it – math worksheets can have a lot to complete. So learning to persist through repetitive tasks is a skill children can build.

We all have to do tasks we find tedious. So using something that is fun like a coloring sheet helps.

They can see there is a fun way to get some tasks done.  Plus there is a reward when it’s complete – the finished product!

Free Addition Color by Number Worksheets

You can grab 6 free addition color by number printables. They are school-themed and include these surprise pictures:

  • clipboard and pencil
  • globe
  • glue, pencil, highlighter
  • notebook and highlighter
  • colored pencils
  • schoolhouse

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Addition Color by Number for First Grade

These math fact color by number worksheets are best for children will are learning addition facts. In the United States, most children learn addition math facts in first grade.

Prior to learning addition math facts, children need to have a concrete understanding of addition. So these worksheets are not meant to teach your child HOW to add.  They are to get more practice with addition.

To make addition tangible for children, just practice adding groups of things. You can use different color legos to represent 3+1.

Say, “I have three blue Legos and one red Lego. Let’s see how many Legos I have in all. 3 plus 1 more is four!”

Practice adding snacks like goldfish or cereal, groups of crayons, or books. You can add hair ties in the bathroom and socks in the laundry room. So teaching your child addition can fit into your daily routine.

Using Color by Number Worksheets for Addition Math Facts

While the color by number worksheets seems pretty basic to adults, many children will be help learning to use a color by number worksheet.

Here is how you can teach your child or students to use the color by number worksheets:

  1. Print out a copy for yourself and your child or student.
  2. Start by coloring in the crayons on the key.
  3. In the picture above,  you could say, “I’m coloring this crayon blue. It has the numeral one. Whenever I solve a problem and the answer is one, I’ll color it blue.”
  4. You child or student does the same thing on their addition coloring page.
  5. Repeat with all the crayons.
  6. Then start with one problem in one space. You could say, “0+5=5. I will use my pencil to write the number 5. Okay now I look at the key and see 5 is green. I will color it green.”
  7. Your child write and color like you modeled.
  8. At this point, most children are ready to work on the addition color by code independently.
  9. Offer positive encouragement. You can give neutral corrective feedback at needed


More Math Printables and Worksheets

If you are looking for more math worksheets and printables, you are in luck! Check them out in the Printable Parents’ Shop.

Printable Addition Board Games

If you have a child with a competitive streak, playing addition fact board games is a great way to practice. Like I mentioned above, a lot of children need a lot of practice to recall addition facts automatically.

These printable addition board games help develop this recall. Plus you can use the black and white versions that are included free as a worksheet.

First, your child fills in the black-and-white copy, then you play on the colored version!

You can find the Addition Math Facts Board Games on Teachers Pay Teachers, too.

Number Order Cut and Paste Worksheets

These number order worksheets for kindergarten are perfect for children learning to count.  While some people say counting is a rote, low-level skill, this is critical for number sense.

Children need to be able to separate the digit in the ones place from the digit in the tens place. The number order cut and paste worksheets make ordering numbers more interactive for children.

You can also find the Number Sense Cut and Paste Worksheets on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Recapping Addition Color by Number

Here’s what busy parents need to know about addition facts and color by number:

  • Color by number uses a key to tell a child which color to fill a space.
  • In addition color by number, there is an addition equation to solve.
  • When a child finds the sum, they match it to the key and fill the space the correct color.
  • Children need a lot of practice to develop automatic recall of math facts.
  • Color by number worksheets make addition facts more fun.
  • It also builds skills like coloring in a small space and task persistence.
  • You can grab 6 free addition color by number worksheets.
  • They practice sums less than ten with plus 0, plus 1, and doubles facts.

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