Black Lives Matter Printable


Teaching children to be anti-racist is critical. Use this Black Lives Matter printable coloring and tracing sheet to start the discussion.

Over on Instagram this week, I’ve been focusing on how to help children develop a better pencil grasp. It’s important.

But you know what’s more important? Black Lives and true equality.

We can do both.  Work on foundational motor and academic skills and discuss racism.

So use this Black Lives Matter printable coloring and tracing sheet to talk to your child.

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Black Lives Matter Printable

The first part of the printable has tracing for the phrase Black Lives Matter.

When tracing with your child, show your child where to begin each letter. Find the number one for each individual letter.

Your child could use a pencil. Or you could do my favorite strategy: Rainbow Writing.

I have my child find a red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple crayon and trace each letter with each color.

Not only will the Black Lives Matter printable be more colorful, but your child will get six times the practice.

Black Lives Matter Coloring Sheet

Your child can color in the children to represent different races and ethnic backgrounds.

I recommend saving all those broken crayons.  Your child can develop their pencil grasp better by coloring with broken crasyons.

Broken crayons force a tripod pencil grasp.  It really works those little hand muscles.

These small pictures are also great for developing stronger hands. When child focus on coloring within the lines on small pictures, their hand strength improves.

Coloring and printing in small spaces is a separate skill from forming letters properly and holding a pencil.  Parents and teachers need to make sure o provide practice for all those skills in isolation before expecting children to do them simultaneously.

Anti-Racism Resources

Here are some resources we’ve found helpful in our family:

Share the link to this printable with your friends.  Drop a comment about how you’re discussing racism in your family.

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