Best Sensory Toys for Children


Fidgets and sensory toys are really popular these days.  As our world becomes increasing screen and technology-based, children still need loads of sensory experiences to stay calm and focused.  We use a lot of sensory toys in our family and here’s our round up of the best sensory toys for children.

These sensory toys are useful for teaching a child to stay calm and focused in difficult or stressful situations.  Just like all calming strategies, it’s great to try these out and see which ones are a home-run for your child before your child becomes upset.

Check out this list of the best sensory toys for children and find the ones that are right for your child’s needs.

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Best Sensory Toys for Children Under $25

Hoberman Mini Sphere

My daughter calls this her breathing ball.  It collapses when closed and expands when opened.

As it expands, your child can take a deep breath and focus on filling his or her lungs with air.  When breathing out the ball collapses and returns to it’s original size. The ball provides sensory feedback as the child practices breathing deeply.

Vive Therapy Putty

Theraputty is a great tool to develop hand muscles and to calm children.  This color-coded 4-pack includes extra soft, soft, medium, and firm.  Each three-ounce container is odorless and non-toxic.

This putty can be squeezed, pinched, and pulled to calm and focus a child.

Toysmith Wacky Tracks

Wacky Tracks is made of an articulated chain can bend into a countless shapes.  As it twists, it makes calming clicking sound and shaping it provides something to focus on it.

It comes in a variety of assorted colors and it’s durable – we’ve had our Wacky Tracks for years.

Kinetic Sand

We adore kinetic sand.  Your child can squeeze, squish, and mold it, and it’s easy to clean up.  It doesn’t dry out or harden;  we’ve had our set for well over two years!

This Kinetic Sand folding sand box is a convenient contained play space that makes for easy clean up!


Deep breathing is a great way to get children calm, but many children didn’t know how to take deep breathes.  Blowing a pinwheel is a great way for a child to practice their breathing.

You can model for your child how to use a pinwheel: show them how breathe a deep, slow breath in, hold it for a second or two, and then slowly breath out by blowing the pinwheel.

Toysmith Jumbo Spiral Glitter Wand

We’ve had our glitter wand for over two years and it’s still a big hit with our kids. These glitter wands give children something to focus on when they need to calm down.  The way the glitter and water  swirling is captivating and calming!

These wands are made of tough, clear plastic and filled bright specks of glitter that swirl around.  I like that it’s easy to wipe down and keep sanitary.

Sensory Chew Necklace

If your child is a chewer or needs oral sensory input, consider a sensory chewy necklace.  These help children focus and reduce anxiety without chewing on their shirt collars or biting their nails.

Best Sensory Toys for Children Under $100

Sensory Sox

My daughter’s OT introduced us to this sox.  When my daughter wears it, she says she’s a starfish.

This sensory sox helps to improve self-calming for children who like a sense of tightness.  It also can increase body and spatial awareness which helps with overall regulation.


Ball Pit Balls

We use an old pack n play as a ball pit for my children.  It’s a fun space for them to play and the sensory experience of moving around in the balls is calming for my daughter. It gives her a more solid sense of her place in the world.

Sensory Swing

Sensory swings are great for providing calming input for children.  This swing can used indoors and includes all the hardware for mounting.  It’s made from a cotton and Lycra blend and has a weight capacity for 220 lbs.

Sensory Toys for Children

What are your favorite sensory toys for your children? Share below.

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