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Do you want to teach your child sight words but don’t know where to start? Using a sight word can worksheet will make it simple for parents.

Hooray! Your child is starting to read sight words. You can use these free worksheets to help your child learn to read the sight word ‘can.’

One important thing to know when you’re wondering how to teach sight words:

Technically any word can be a sight word! If you can read California without sounding it out, it’s a sight word for you.

I use the term sight words because it’s more familiar for parents. In this sense, it means high-frequency function words like the, am, and can.

So check out these three free worksheets you can use with your child today!

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black and white text reads sight word can worksheets. Picture of a worksheet on a brown table with a pencil across it. The word can appears in bubble letters on the worksheet with a space for tracing and writing the word.

Free Sight Word Can Worksheets

In this blog post, you’ll find three free sight word can worksheets. You can use these with your child or teachers can use them in one individual classroom.

The worksheets are:

  • Dot the Sight Word Can Worksheet
  • Word Mapping Can Worksheet
  • Spell and Read Can Worksheet

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How do I map the sight word can?

Have you heard about mapping sight words?  This is the process in which a child takes the sounds in a word and matches letters to the sounds.

It promotes a process called orthographic mapping. Simply, the reading brain hears sounds, connects them to visuals (letters), and attaches meaning.

Teachers used to think we needed to teach children to memorize sight words. But now we know that our brain doesn’t store words as pictures.

Decades of fMRI research show that even with high-frequency sight words, children match the letters to the sounds in the cognitive process of reading.

Memorization doesn’t help and slows down their learning. We can encourage this orthographic maping with word mapping.

Steps for Mapping the Sight Word Can

These are the steps parents can use to map the sight word can:

  1. Say the word “can” out loud to your child.
  2. Ask them to repeat the word.
  3. Say, “How many sounds are in the word can?”
  4. Your child should answer three.
  5. If your child doesn’t answer three, show them how to count the sounds on their fingers.
  6. Grab a whiteboard and marker. Draw three lines.
  7. Ask your child, “What letter spells the first sound in the word can?”
  8. Your child should answer c. If they answer k, you can explain that the letter c also spells the /k/ sound.
  9. Your child writes the letter C on the first line.
  10. Repeat with the middle and final sounds: a for /a/ and n for /n/.
  11. Ask your child to write the whole word under where they have mapped it.
  12. Ask your child to read the word.

If this seems like a lot, just use the free word mapping worksheet to guide you through this process!

Word Mapping Sight Words Worksheet

Here is how you map the sight word can using the free worksheet.

  1. Say the word aloud for your child. You don’t want them to see the printed word ahead of time.
  2. Help your child count the sounds by tapping their fingers.
  3. Color in one apple for each sound (three in can).
  4. Map a letter for each sound in can.
  5. Write the word twice. This is important because your child sees the letters together.
  6. Read the word they wrote.

On the bottom half of the mapping worksheet, your child will get more practice reading and writing the word can.

They will:

  1. Color code the word.
  2. Tap the sounds and then blend the word.
  3. Circle the word can in a box with other sight words.
  4. Write the sight word.

Dot the Sight Word Can Worksheet

These sight word worksheets make learning so fun. Children love using dot markers (also called bingo daubers).

First, your child will color in the bubble letters for the sight word can. I like to have my students color code the letters with green, yellow, and red:

  • Green for typical sound-spellings
  • Yellow for unlearned but typical sound-spellings
  • Red for irregular sound-spellings.

The sight word can is a completely regular word. All the letters can be colored in green.

Then, your child will read all the words in the circles. They will dot the ones with the sight word can and leave the other circles blank.

Don’t have dot markers? Your child can also use crayons, color pencils, or regular markers to color in the circles.

Sight Word Can Writing Worksheet

For a lot of children, reading small functional sight words develops before they have all the skills necessary to write sentences.

The sight word can writing worksheet is great for children who:

  • can write in smaller spaces
  • need practice with spelling
  • are able to generate an original idea

On the sight word can writing worksheet, your child will:

  1. Color code the word
  2. Trace the word
  3. Write the word
  4. Use the word in context.
  5. Write a sentence with the word can.

Can Worksheets for Kindergarten

These worksheets have been great with my kindergarten students.  After mapping and color coding the worksheets with adult guidance, they can work through the other parts of the worksheets independently.

The Sight Word Can Writing Worksheet is great for older students.  It is a little too much writing for early kindergarten students. But it doesn’t seem babyish for older students.

More Worksheets for Sight Words

You can find tons more worksheets for sight words in the Printable Parents Shop. Stop wasting time searching Google for resources!

Word Mapping Sight Words Bundle

These Word Mapping Sight Words fast track your child’s learning. By connecting speech sounds to letters, you’re using brain-based strategies.

You can also find them on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Dot the Sight Words Worksheets

Using bingo daubers or dot markers makes learning so fun. You simply help your child color-code the word on the Dot the Sight Words Worksheets. Then your child reads the words in the bubbles and dots the target sight word.

You can also find these dot worksheets on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Sight Words Read and Spell Bundle

All 220 Dolch Sight Words are included in the Sight Word Read and Spell Bundle.  You’ll also find flashcards, mapping worksheets, and certifications in this 300+ page bundle.

Sight Words by Sounds

After you finish these can sight word worksheets, you might realize that sight words can be sounded out! About 2/3 of the most common sight words follow regular phonics patterns.

If you teach your child sight words by their sounds, you’ll save so much time. Grab this free Sight Words by Sounds Checklist.


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