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Looking for fun and engaging reading worksheets for your early reader? Your child will love these Color by CVC Word Worksheets.

“Ssss – aaaaa  – ttt. Sat!” said my prekindergarten son.  There is nothing quite as exciting as when your child begins to read words.

CVC words stand for consonant-vowel-consonant. They are some of the most simple words to learn to read in English.

While some children love to read CVC words, others will be more resistant. And that’s why Color by CVC Word Worksheets are so helpful.

Finding the mystery picture is really motivating for a lot of children. So read on about using CVC color by number worksheets, and then grab your FREE Color by CVC Words Worksheet below.

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Color by CVC Word Worksheets

Color by CVC Words is a set of printable coloring sheets. They are like color by numbers.

However, your child or students reads a CVC word and colors the space based on the word.

These worksheets have a picture key. The CVC pictures match a CVC word. Your child follows that key to choose the correct color.

Why Use CVC Color by Number Worksheets?

CVC Color by Number Worksheets are good for a lot of reasons, but here are the top two:

  • Work for children who like to color, but are resistant with reading
  • Great for those who are already reading, but struggle with coloring

If your child is resistant to reading but loves to color, these worksheets are great. There is a lot of repetition in the CVC words within the picture so your child will develop fluency with reading those words.

Then after reading each word, they get instant positive reinforcement of coloring the space. That creates a meaningful association between reading and coloring for them.

Now if you have a child like my middle son who struggles with coloring, these are also really helpful. He’s motivated to read and coloring in a small space is a challenge.

If I just gave him a coloring sheet, he’d be less interested. Getting to read words and follow a code makes color less of a chore for him.

Free CVC Coloring Sheets

There are four free coloring sheets available in the CVC Words Coloring PDF:

  1. Bear
  2. Cactus
  3. Flowers
  4. Ice cream

They are organized by these short vowels:

  • short a
  • short e
  • short i
  • short o

(Looking for short u practice? Check out the phonics printables in the shop!)

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Using CVC Words Worksheets

Here is how your child will use these free CVC Word Worksheets

  1. Print the worksheet
  2. Use crayons if possible – I find marker makes printed copies bleed. Marker works on photocopied worksheets, though.
  3. Help your child identify each picture in the key.
  4. Instruct your child to color the picture the same color as it is labeled. This builds more independence.
  5. If your child is a new reader, sit with them as they read each of the words 1- 2 times.
  6. Neutrally correct their mistakes. It’s important to stop guessing immediately before it becomes a bad habit. Help your child sound out each letter.
  7. Allow your child some independent practice.
  8. At that point, just praise. Don’t offer any constructive criticism after the fact.

If your child is already a strong reader, you can offer them more independence.

Year-Long Color by CVC Words Worksheet Bundle

Here’s a hard parenting truth. Your child is likely going to need a lot of practice to read CVC words.

Or if they are learning to read easily, they may need a lot of coloring practice.

So this year-long bundle of Color by CVC words is the solution. It gives your child a lot of repetition, but the holiday themes build interest so it doesn’t become boring.

These are the holidays included:

  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Valentines
  • St. Patrick’s
  • Easter

If your child loves to celebrate the holidays, this is such an easy way to motivate them into reading and coloring practice.

This is currently a growing bundle which means you purchase it now for a low price. Then you’ll get an email with the updates for free!

The price increases when additional sets are added. So grab the bundle now for the best deal. You can find this CVC Bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers, too.

Halloween Color by CVC Words Worksheets

This Halloween CVC Words printable resource can keep even those most Halloween-excited children engaged in learning!

The cute and not at all scary pictures included are:

  • bats
  • witch
  • candy corn
  • jack ‘o lantern
  • Frankenstein
  • candy

It is arranged by CVC word families and includes these words:

  • ad family: fad, bad, mad, sad, dad, pad
  • ap family: map, lap, sap, tap, gap, nap, cap
  • ot family: pot, rot, dot, cot, hot, jot
  • ed family: bed, fed, red
  • eg family: leg, beg, peg
  • in family: kin, pin, bin, win, tin, fin
  • ug family: rug, mug, jug
  • ub family: cub, tub, sub

Your child can simply do the color by number, but there are also seasonal word mapping worksheets included! Your child hears a word and then connects it to the letters that spell the sounds. This is the fast lane for learning to read.

You can find these Halloween CVC Worksheets on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Thanksgiving CVC Words Color by Number

The Thanksgiving CVC Color by Code pictures are:

  • turkey
  • Mayflower
  • Pilgrim boy
  • Pilgrim girl
  • pie
  • turkey on platter

The CVC words are arranged in word families in this CVC resource:

  • ag family: gag, wag, nag, bag, tag, rag
  • ip family: dip, nip, hip, sip, rip, tip, zip
  • et family: bet, get, net, set, jet, pet, vet
  • og family: bog, fog, jog, hog, dog, log, cog
  • um family: gum, hum, sun
  • un family: sun, bun, nun
  • am family: yam, ram, jam, ham
  • ab family: tab, cab, lab

Just like Halloween, your child will map the words first before they color by number. This step is so helpful to prevent guessing and memorizing.

These Thanksgiving CVC Coloring Sheets are also available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Christmas CVC Words Color by Number

Ask any kindergarten or first grade teacher. It’s tough to keep kids learning with all the excitement at Christmas time.

The Christmas Color by Code pictures are:

  • sleigh
  • present
  • tree
  • ornament
  • Santa
  • elf

There are two Color by Codes for Santa and the elf. You can choose from the worksheets with peach or brown skin to best reflect your family’s needs.

These are the CVC words included on these worksheets:

  • an family: tan, man, van, fan, pan, can
  • ig family: wig, rig, pig, fig, dig, big
  • em family: hem, gem
  • en family: hen, den, ten, men
  • op family: hop, pop, top
  • od family: rod, pod, nod
  • ub family: sub, cub, tub, rub
  • ud family: mud, bud
  • ab family: tab, cab, lab, dab, gab, jab

This resource also includes word mapping worksheets. When you map the words ahead of time, your child will be more independent when they do the color by CVC words worksheet.

Find these Christmas CVC Worksheets on Teachers Pay Teachers.

More CVC Words Worksheets

You can find tons of CVC Worksheets in this blog post. These worksheets are also available in the Printable Parents Shop and on Teachers Pay Teachers.

CVC Cut and Glue Worksheets

Your little learner can get some scissor practice in alongside their reading practice.

Find these CVC Cut and Paste Worksheets in the Printable Parents Shop. These CVC Cut and Glue Worksheets are also on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Build CVC Words Printable Cards

If you feel your learner can’t quite read CVC words or needs more hands-on practice, try these.

With the Hands-On CVC Word Mats, your child will:

  • Say the picture name.
  • Tap the dots as they say each sound.
  • Spell each sound with a letter bead or magnet.
  • Read the word.

So if you find your child struggling to read CVC words, start by spelling them first.

Why does this work? Going from speech sounds to written letters promotes a mental process called orthographic mapping.

Find the CVC Hands-on Word Building on Teachers Pay Teachers.

More Color by Number Worksheets

You’ll also enjoy these color by number worksheets:

CVC Color by Number Printables

Here’s the bottom line – your child can develop important reading and coloring skills AND have fun! Grab your free printables today!


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