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Children learn to read consonant blends in first grade. But they are tricky for many learners. These color by blend worksheets make it fun!

I’ve seen this with countless students. They read words like “lap” and “had” like a pro.

But once they see words like hand or lamp, they can’t figure it out. Consonant blends can be so tricky.

But these color by number worksheets make practicing reading blends fun.

So grab your copy today and get practicing with your child!

Color by Blend Worksheets

Blends Color by Number worksheets are printable coloring sheets. They have a secret picture and a coloring key.

A child or students reads each word, isolates the blend and matches it to the coloring key.  Then the child colors in a small space.

Once all the spaces are colored in, the mystery picture is revealed.

What are blends?

Consonant blends are when two consonants combine. They retain their separate sounds but when they are said aloud, the sounds blend together.

Blends can come at the beginning of a word or at the end of a word. They can also come at the beginning of a multi-syllable word.

There are blends in these words:

  • cloud
  • tent
  • plant

These are some common blends:

  • bl
  • cl
  • fl
  • gl
  • sl
  • br
  • cr
  • dr
  • fr
  • gr
  • tr
  • sw
  • sk
  • sc
  • nt
  • nd
  • mp
  • lm
  • sk
  • st
  • ft

Free Blends Color by Number Worksheet

You can grab this free sample in the box below.

It has three pages:

  • Sunflowers Color by Numbers
  • Penguin Color by Numbers
  • Blends Word Mapping

It covers these blends:

  • beginning L blends (e.g. blend, claw, flake, glove, plus, sled)
  • ending blends with m (e.g. palm, lamp)
  • ending blends with n (e.g. wing, cent, hand, sink)

These blends coloring printables are free for email subscribers. However, you’re welcome to unsubscribe at any time.

You are not allowed to post these anywhere online. You may make copies for your individual home or classroom use.

Using Color by Blends Worksheets

These are best for students who already know how to read CVC words.

Differentiated Blends Worksheets

These worksheets are differentiated which means there are two levels for each picture. This supports beginning readers and those who are more successful with blends.

For example in these snowman pictures from the Winter Blends, the easier level has the words:

  • brain
  • cream
  • draw
  • frog
  • grass
  • prize
  • tray

However, the more challenging level has all these words (and more!):

  • brain, branch, break, bride, brim
  • cry, cream, crash, crop
  • drip, drive, drill, drum, drain, draw
  • frost, frown, froze, freeze, fresh, frog
  • gross, grim, grade, grass, graph
  • print, price, prize, press
  • trunk, truck, trim, trip, tree, tray

On the challenging level, the child reads the word, isolates the blend, and finds the picture that has that blend sound.

This is fantastic for classroom teachers, but great for parents, too. You can give your child the easier level now, and then in a year repeat with the more challenging level.

Fall Color by Consonant Blends Worksheets

The Fall Color by Blends Worksheets includes these pictures:

  • squirrel
  • pumpkins
  • scarecrow
  • apples
  • leaves and acorns
  • sunflower
  • bird

The blend words it includes on the easier level are:

  • blocks, clap, flag, plane, slide, glass
  • bread, tree, grapes, drum, fries, crown
  • stool, scarf, skunk, spoon, snail, smile
  • ghost, gift, sculpt, belt, act
  • film, kelp, golf, fold, milk
  • nest, mask, grasp
  • palm, lamp
  • hand, wing, sink, cent

There are hundreds of words on the more challenging level. They include these consonant blends:

  • Initial L-blends: bl, cl, fl, pl, sl, gl
  • Initial R-blends: br, tr, gr, dr, fr, cr
  • Inital S-blends: st, sc, sk, sp, sn, sm
  • Final T-blends: -st, -ft, -pt, -lt, -ct
  • Final L-blends: -lm, -lp, -lf, -ld, -lk
  • Final S-blends: – st, -sk, -sp
  • Final M-blends: -mp, -lm
  • Final N-blends: -nd, ng, nk, nt

You can also find the Blends Worksheets for Fall on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Winter Color by Blends Worksheets

The Winter Color by Consonant Blends has 47 pages of color, word mapping, and answer keys.  It includes these pictures:

  • penguin
  • mittens
  • birdhouse
  • scarf and hat
  • snowman
  • igloo
  • cocoa
  • snowglobe

On these worksheets, there is a snowflake in the corner to show that it is the easier level. It includes these words:

  • brain, cream, draw, frog, grass, prize, tray
  • blend, claw, flake, glove, plus, sled
  • scan, skip, smash, snow, sports, stir
  • clip, flat, globe, crust, print, spot, swim, stack
  • bolt, raft, wept, tent, list, text
  • hold, wolf, elk, melt
  • whisk, clasp, vest
  • dump, film
  • ant, wand, ring, bank

The more challenging level has a hat in the corner. It has hundreds of words organized by these blends:

  • bl, cl, fl, pl, sl, gl
  • br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr
  • sc, sk, sm, an, sp, st
  • -st, -ft, -pt, -lt, -ct, -nt
  •  -ld, -lf, -lt, -lk
  • – st, -sk, -sp
  • -mp, -lm
  • -nd, ng, nk, nt

This printable pack also has word mapping worksheets. So you can help your child identify each picture prior to coloring.

They will count the sounds, map them in the Elkonin boxes, and write them on the line. And, yes, there are answer keys included!

You can also find the Blends Worksheets for Winter on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Blends Year Long Bundle

This bundle includes Color by Blends for all four seasons. In truth, you can use them at any point in the year.

But using the seasons can increase engagement for a lot of students.

You can also find the Color by Blends Year Long Bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Blends Worksheets for Spring

Color by blends includes these worksheets:

  • butterflies
  • garden
  • bunnies
  • birdhouse
  • umbrella
  • chicks
  • bee and beehive
  • watering can

The color by number includes these words:

  • R blends: broth, crack, drill, frost, grill, press, trim
  • L blends: black, cliff, floss, gloss, plug, slug
  • S blends: scone, skate, smoke, snore, spade, stove, swipe
  • Mixed beginning blends: club, twin, snip, swat, glad, crib, grin
  • Ending L blends: bulb, help, wild, fold, wolf, elf, belt, wilt
  • Ending S&T blends: salt, text, wept, sift, pest, gasp, desk
  • Ending M&N blends: lamp, dump, balm, pond, send, sink, bent, mint
  • Mixed Beginning and Ending blends: grand, scold, plant, craft, quilt, slept, plank, clasp

Blends Worksheets for Summer

These worksheets will be in the bundle by April 1, 2023

They will include these pictures:

  • sunshine
  • beach umbrella
  • watermelon
  • sea shell
  • flip flops
  • sailboat
  • crab
  • ice cream and popsicle

More Phonics Worksheets

You can find more phonics resources for teaching blends in the Printable Parents Shop.

Blends Word Mapping Worksheets

These Blends Word Mapping Worksheets are fantastic for helping your child isolate each individual sound. Word Mapping builds spelling and reading skills at the same time.

You can also find the Consonant Blends Word Mapping on Teachers Pay Teachers.

CVC Successive Blending Worksheets

If you find your child is having a hard time reading these words with blends, make sure they can automatically read CVC words. They need this skill prior to adding in extra consonant sounds. These CVC Successive Blending Worksheets can really help.

The Successive Blending Worksheets are also on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Recapping Blends Color by Number Worksheets

Here the summary for busy parents:

  • Blends are two (or more) consonant sounds put together.
  • They retain their unique sounds but blend together when you read a word.
  • More children learn to read blends in the first grade.
  • They often need a lot of practice adding in another sound.
  • Color by Blend Worksheets can make this practice fun.
  • Word mapping the blends also helps your child hear the individual sound then blend them together.
  • There is a year long bundle of color by blend worksheets available to give your child enough practice.

Color by Blend Worksheet

Grab your free worksheets today and start practicing those tricky blend words with your child.

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