Color by Letter Worksheets

You know your child needs to learn the alphabet, but you want to make it as fun as possible? Check out the free color by letter worksheets.

My two older children loved learning the letters.

But coloring? Not so much.

My younger son is a fan of coloring, but learning his letters has been a bit trickier for him.

The color by letter worksheets can engage young learners who have different interests:

  • The children who love the alphabet but don’t like to color
  • Children who love coloring but need helping to learn the letters

So check out these free color by letter worksheets and grab 26 free alphabet worksheets (yes the whole alphabet!).

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Why Use Color by Letters?

Letter recognition in preschoolers is one of the best predictors of future reading success. So learning their letters is incredibly important.

But there are other reasons to use color by letters worksheets. These printables provide opportunities with these skills:

  • building pencil grip
  • working to color in a small space
  • coloring inside lines
  • learning to read color names

So even if your child know all their letters, these worksheets can build important skills.

Free Color by Letter Worksheets

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Easy Color by Letters Worksheets

These color by letter worksheets are easy for a reason.  You want your child to grow in letter knowledge – not frustration.

So the worksheets are predictable. They have simple and consistent visual directions.

There is a large space to practice writing their name. The lines guide proper letter formation.

Each worksheet only uses two colors. So this reduces the mental demands for little children.

These alphabet coloring pages make learning letters easy.

Supplies for Color by Letter Worksheets

The great news is you can keep it simple with these color by letter worksheets. These are the only supplies you need:

HP Printer

You can really use any printer but I love HP Instant Ink. It is the easiest and most affordable way to print.

Quality Paper

For these worksheets, I recommend a slightly thicker paper. 24 lb paper is more sturdy than regular printer paper.

Regular 20 lb copy paper is going to tear for a lot of children. I like to reduce that frustration at times.

Don’t use it for all your printing needs – even though you can!


Crayola are my favorite crayons. For these worksheets, you only need standard rainbow colors.

For my son who is developing pencil grip, we use tri-grip crayons.  And since I have a toddler who loves to sneak off with crayons and make “artwork” on my walls, I bought the washable Crayola triangular crayons.

I actually bought the Crayola Classpack of the washable triangle crayons and beginner markers. I suspect my son has a learning disability called dysgraphia and these support his writing the best.


I’ve noticed bleeding when I print from a printer versus a photocopier at school. Markers are not my first choice for these sheets at home.

But go with washable Crayola Pip Squeak markers if your child insists on markers. The shorter length improves pencil grip because your child cannot use their whole fist.

Color by Letter Worksheets for Preschool

As mentioned above, letter identification is the best predictor for future reading success in preschoolers.

That said, your preschooler doesn’t have to do worksheets to learn the alphabet. You can do hands-on learning, too.

But there are benefits to practicing sitting to complete a defined written task like a coloring sheet.

Like it or not, school requires that children sit and sustain their attention on tasks for a certain period of time. So unless you plan to unschool, homeschool, or go to a non-traditional school, your child needs to spend some time doing written work at a table.

Color by Letter Kindergarten Worksheets

While these color by letter worksheets are great for preschool, many children might need use them in kindergarten as well.  My son didn’t have the fine motor skills to color in small spaces in preschool.

These color by letters printables were better suited for him in kindergarten. He had better attention skills and his pencil grip had improved.

Looking for More Alphabet Worksheets?

Your child will need a lot of exposure to the alphabet to learn to recognize it in different fonts, form the letter properly, and say its name.

Color and Trace the Alphabet Worksheets

Color and Trace the Alphabet is a money-saving resource that bundles four printable packs:

With these worksheets, your child will build alphabet knowledge and these pre-writing skills:

  • tracing letters
  • drawing horizontal and vertical lines
  • drawing a circle
  • coloring in a small space

A lot of parents (and teachers) skip over these foundational writing steps – and that’s a mistake. Learning to write letters is based on these precursor skills.

Each of these worksheet packs includes all 26 letters and an optional cover. It’s better to circle through the alphabet several times that to teach one letter intensely.

Check out Color and Trace the Alphabet here.

Dot and Paint the Alphabet Printables

If your little one loves hands-on approaches to learning, these Dot and Paint Alphabet Worksheets are great.

It’s a bundle of three printable packs:

  • Dot the Letters: Use dot stickers, dot markers, or fingerprints to teach your child the capital letter.
  • Letter Circles: Use dot markers to stamp the correct capital letter.
  • Q-tip Paint the Letters: Use q-tips and paint to practice proper letter formation while developing a good pencil gip.

Your child will:

  • Peel dot stickers to fill in the capital letters
  • Dot with Do-a-Dot markers to identify the correct capital letters.
  • Use a q-tip dipped in paint to practice proper letter formation.

All of these worksheets build letter knowledge and important motor skills like:

  • strong pencil grip
  • hand-eye coordination
  • visual discrimination

Check out Dot and Paint the Alphabet here.

Looking for More Color by Number Worksheets?


Your child can learn the alphabet with the color by letter worksheets. Grab your free set today.

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