Christmas Preschool Printable Pack

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Need to keep your preschooler busy in a meaningful way? The Christmas Preschool Printable Pack is the perfect resource for fun and learning!

“Is tomorrow Christmas?” I keep hearing my preschooler ask this every day.

Oh, we’ve got the Advent calendars!

He’s just excited – and who can blame him! I remember the excitement in childhood.

But I’ve got stuff to do, and you do too. Your list is a mile long.

You’ve got shopping and wrapping and cooking and all the regular stuff like laundry and work!

You need a purposeful way to keep your preschooler or kindergarten busy in the coming days. But you don’t have time to set up all those activities on Pinterest.

The Christmas Preschool Printable Pack is just what you’ve been looking for!

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Christmas Preschool Printable Pack

The pumpkin printable pack in October and the Thanksgiving Printable Pack in November were such a hit, I had to make a Christmas Preschool Printable Pack!

Like the other packs, this printable pack is jam-packed with fun and colorful learning for your child.  This pack is 50 pages and has over 15 activities!

I also included black and white versions for each page. If you don’t want to use a bunch of colored ink or if you’re a teacher and want to make copies, the black and white versions are perfect for you.

If you’re doing preschool at home, you can also use the black and white pages in the Christmas Preschool Printable Pack for coloring – your preschooler likely won’t mind that they are activities they have already seen!


Supplies for Christmas Preschool Printable Pack

Here’s the rundown on what you’ll need for this pack.  You likely have everything you already need:

Christmas Cutting Practice for Preschoolers

Scissors skills are so important for preschoolers. Prior to kindergarten children need to learn to cut because once children are in elementary school, cutting is part of the learning task.

This pack has a simple straight line printable and this more difficult curving line printable.

Christmas Puzzle Printables

Along with standard cutting practice, some of the printables are actually puzzles.  After your child cuts out the rectangle you can cut on the line for your child or they can do it themselves depending on skills.

Once the pieces are cut, your child can mix up the pieces and put the puzzle back together again.

After your child has practiced the puzzles, encourage them to use glue to paste them on a piece of construction paper.  This gives more value to this activity and a chance to practice gluing skills.

Christmas Tracing Practice for Preschoolers

Tracing straight lines and circles is the first step to being able to trace and then write letters.

Practice this important skill by tracing the wreaths (picture) and tracing lines around Christmas presents.

Wreath Alphabet Printables

Learning the alphabet is really important in preschool or prekindergarten so I encourage a lot of practice.

Use these alphabet printables with letter magnets or other manipulatives. We like to use letter beads.

Show your child how to fill in the missing letter with your letter manipulatives.

If your child is already writing, place the page in a dry erase sleeve and let your child use an Expo marker to fill it in!

Christmas Counting Printables

These adorable Christmas light printables help children with number recognition for the numbers 1 and 2.

They also help children recognize the quantities one and two with dots. This is call subitizing.

Your child will simply follow the key to color in the correct color for each light.

Christmas Pattern Printables

FInding patterns is an important critical thinking skill. It prepares students to look for patterns in math and science.

Analyzing and completing a pattern shows an understanding of sequencing and logic.

This printable also incorporates more scissor skills.  You can always cut out the pieces for your child to make this activity focused on patterns, or you can allow your child to cut to practice both skills.

Christmas Same and Different Printable

This printable worksheet has a similar value to the patterning worksheet – it is an opportunity for children to think critically.

Looking for a different item is an opportunity for visual discrimination – being able to look at a group and identify distinct things.

It’s so important for reading and writing.

But Wait! There’s More!

Haha – I had to do it.  There are more printables inside this pack.

  • Sensory Bin Candy Cane Match
  • Rudolph Search and Find
  • Christmas Emotions
  • Holiday Social Thinking
  • Color By Number

There is so much value is this inexpensive Christmas Preschool Printable Pack so be sure to grab it today!

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