Free Christmas Printable Activities

Grab 12 days of free Christmas printable activities. These purposeful printables will build skills and keep your children occupied over the holidays.

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The 12 Days are now complete. Make sure you didn’t miss a day by checking the list below.

12 Days of Free Christmas Printable Activities

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These are the 12+ free Christmas Printable Activities included:

  1. Santa Beard Countdown
  2. Holiday Behavior Chart
  3. Letter to Santa Printable Activity
  4. Christmas Reading Log
  5. Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt
  6. Christmas Alphabet Activity
  7. Christmas Math Games
  8. Holiday Meltdown Plan
  9. Screen Time Printable for Christmas
  10. Christmas Q-tip Painting
  11. Christmas Chore Chart
  12. Printable Christmas Thank You Notes

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Day 1: Free Santa Beard Countdown Printable

Time is so abstract for small children. Plus they are excited so waiting for Christmas is hard.

This Santa countdown is a unique type of Advent calendar. Your children can use dot stickers, dot markers, or cotton balls to cover a circle each day until Christmas.

Grab the Free Santa Beard Countdown printable here.

Day 2: Teach Patience at Christmas (with a Holiday Smiley Chart)

Waiting for Christmas can be so challenging. But it is a great opportunity to build patience for your child.

Use the holiday smiley chart to teach patience at Christmas.

Day 3: Letter to Santa Template

Writing a letter to Santa can be fun and easy with this simple black and white template.

It’s a win-win. Your child practices writing and you get them to nail down their Christmas list.

Grab the free letter to Santa template.

Day 4: Christmas Reading Log

This year more than ever we need our children off screens and into books. But how do you get reluctant readers to do this?

With a Christmas Reading Log and a reading routine.

Day 5: Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt (Easy Printable Tic-Tac-Toe)

When I searched online for a Christmas lights scavenger hunt, all the free Christmas printable activities were way too complicated for my children: 20+ items and all were written with words – and no pictures.

This easy Christmas lights scavenger hunt is great for younger children. Plus the cute Christmas clip art makes it perfect scavenger hunt printable for non-readers.

Check out the Christmas lights scavenger hunt here.

Day 6: Christmas Alphabet Activity

Alphabet knowledge is one of the best predictors for reading success. But learning the alphabet can be playful, fun and hands-on.

This Christmas lights alphabet black and white printable is great for several different activities:

  1. Match alphabet magnets or beads to the printable.
  2. Use dot stickers with the lowercase letters written on them.
  3. Call out the letters sounds and have your child use dot markers to mark the letters.
  4. Use like a coloring sheet and color with crayons.

It’s such a versatile free printable. Grab it in the post: Christmas Alphabet Activity.

Looking for more activities for your preschooler this Christmas season? Make sure to check out Christmas Preschool Printables for more!

Day 7: Christmas Math Games

You’ll find a free printable Christmas math game that’s perfect for your child. This set includes games for children from ages 3 – 8.

Your child will practice important math skills like:

  • counting
  • number sense
  • addition math facts

Grab the Christmas Math games here.

Day 8: Christmas Meltdowns Plan

You know it’s coming – your child is going to have a tantrum this holiday season. So get prepared instead of dreading it.

Use the free Christmas meltdowns printable plan to help your child anticipate their meltdown triggers and have a copy method in mind.

Grab the Christmas meltdowns plan printable here.

Day 9: Screen Time Printable for Winter Break

Coming soon!

Day 10: Christmas Q-tip Painting

Q-tip painting is a crowd-pleaser. You can sneak in some practice with letter formation with this free Christmas Q-tip painting printable.

Your child will simply use some paint and a q-tip to fill in the small dots on the letter C.  Then they can paint and decorate the candy cane.

Grab the Christmas Q-tip Painting printable here.

There’s a better way to work on letters.

Check out the Christmas Alphabet Q-tip Painting.


Day 11: Christmas Chore Chart

Getting your kids to help at Christmas time might seem like the most illogical thing you could do. After all, your to-do ist is already a foot long.

But this is the best time to encourage your children to do chores. You can leverage their excitement for the holiday season into becoming helpers.

And that’s the attitude they need to be contributing members of a family. There’s one critical mistake you don’t want to make, so make sure to read more and grab the free Christmas Chore Chart printable.

Day 12: Free Printable Christmas Thank You Cards

Your child has a pile of presents and still seems greedy and not grateful. After Christmas is a great time to teach your child how to write a thank-you card.

Thank you notes help you instill gratitude over entitlement plus you get to develop important writing skills. Grab the free printable Christmas thank you cards here.

Recapping the Free Printable Christmas Activities

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