Christmas Alphabet Activity (Free Printable!)

Looking for a fun way to practice the alphabet this holiday season? Your preschooler will love this Christmas Alphabet Activity.

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You have 532 things to do right now. Finding something to keep your preschooler busy doesn’t have to be one of them!

The free Christmas Lights Alphabet Matching Printable is a fun and purposeful way to keep your child entertained so you have enough time to cross of that Christmas to-do list.

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Christmas Alphabet Activity

This Christmas alphabet activity is a festive way to practice the alphabet. It has all 26 capital letters inside cute Christmas lights.

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How to Use the Christmas Alphabet Matching Printable

Once you’ve printed your Christmas alphabet matching printable, it’s really easy to get started:

  • Grab your letter magnets or letter beads.
  • Sort out the green and red for extra holiday fun (optional).
  • Demonstrate for your child how to match the letters to the printable.
  • Give your child 3-8 letters depending on their skill just 3 (or even 1 or 2).

It’s more important to build success and enjoyment than it is to do the Christmas alphabet activity “correctly.”

A few days later, you can pull this activity sheet out again and try with a few more letters.

Read on for more ideas about how to use the Christmas alphabet printable.

christmas alphabet black and white worksheet with five alphabet beads and green and red dot markers.

Why Practice the Alphabet at Christmas?

So why did I create this printable to share with you? Well, it is a super cute Christmas alphabet printable.

But really it’s because learning the alphabet is important.

You’ll hear some Instagram influencers say we just need to calm down and not worry about preschool-age children learning the alphabet.

This is well-intentioned but terribly misguided advice. The alphabet and letter sounds (along with phonological awareness) are the foundation of reading.

Fluency with letter naming is predictive of future reading success. This means children entering kindergarten need to identify the letters effortlessly and quickly.

It’s not necessary to do flashcards with a 2-year-old. But yes, if you have a preschooler, you do need to work on the alphabet with them.

Neurodivergent Children and the Alphabet

The part I find most troubling is the assumption that all kids are going to earn the alphabet “when they’re ready.”

Around 20% of all children and early elementary students have either a developmental disability like ADHD or autism or a learning disability like dyslexia. They don’t just learn when they are ready.

Some children have no learning differences but just need a lot more repetition to learn this skill. And that’s okay.

Black & White Christmas Alphabet Template

This alphabet printable is so versatile.

Teachers can photocopy it for their learners and play a whole-class game with it.

Parents can use it as a Christmas alphabet coloring sheet. Either let your child just color or call out specific letters for your child to color in.

a printable worksheet of the capital and lowercase letters Aa inside Christmas ornaments. With a green and red dot marker

Check out Christmas Dot the Alphabet Worksheets!

Christmas light alphabet black and white printable with all 26 letters inside 26 clip art light bulbs. Red and green pom poms and tweezers are displayed on a brown table.

Fine Motor Christmas Alphabet Activity

You can turn this Christmas matching activity into a fine motor activity, too:

  • Grab pom poms.
  • Find some tweezers (we use strawberry haulers).
  • Model for your child how to use the tweezers.
  • Invite your child to grab a pom pom, name a letter, and cover it.
  • You can also call out letters for your child to cover.

Christmas alphabet activity with 26 christmas lights with the capital letters of the alphabet on a black and white printable. Lowercase letters are written on color dot label stickers. The letters D and U on the printable Christmas alphabet worksheet are covered in dot stickers with lowercase letters.

Christmas Dot the Alphabet

This printable can also help your child develop their pencil grip by using dot stickers.

Here’s how your child can play Christmas Dot the Alphabet:

  • Print your printable.
  • Grab a sheet of dot stickers and a Sharpie marker.
  • Write the letters of the alphabet on the dot stickers in capital letters
  • Depending on your child’s skill level, give them 5-10 letters to start.
  • Show your child how to peel and match.

Does your child already know the capital letters?

  • Write the lowercase letters on your dot stickers.
  • Show your child how to peel the lowercase letter a and match it to the capital letter A.
  • Start with just 3-5 letters and build success from there.

Christmas Letter Sound Activity

Use this printable with your older children, too.  You’re going to develop your child’s phonological awareness with this printable.

Tell your child you’re going to call out letter sounds or words and you want your child to color or dot the letter that spells that sound.

Try this:

  • Parent: Here’s a dot marker and an alphabet printable. I’m going to say some words while I wash these dishes. You can dot the letters that spell the first sound in the words I say.
  • Child: (grabs the dot marker)
  • Parent: Dot the letter that spells the /c/ sound.
  • Child: (Dots the letter k) Kite spells the /c/ sound.
  • Parent: That’s great. Can you think of another letter that spells the /c/ sound?
  • Child: C spells the /c/ sound.
  • Parent: Can you say dog?
  • Child: Dog.
  • Parent: Dot the letter that spells the first sound you hear in dog.
  • Child: (Dots the letter D).

Your older child will have a lot of fun with this interactive Christmas alphabet printable.

Grab the free alphabet printable if you need a list of words. Don’t worry – you’ll only be added to the email list once.

christmas alphabet activity with green and red alphabet beads. Three letters are colored with crayons on the black and white Christma lights alphabet printable

Supplies for the Christmas Alphabet Printable

You probably already have all the supplies you need at home, and most are linked above. But here are the supplies in one convenient list:

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Learning the alphabet is important. But you can have fun and playing is important.

Grab this free Christmas Alphabet Activity and have a festive time playing with letters with your child.


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