Christmas Reading Chart Printable: 12 Days of Christmas

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Do you want to get your child off screens and into a good book? Use the Christmas Reading Chart printable to encourage more reading.

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This year with COVID-19 we need to get our children off of screens and into books more than ever!

But what can exhausted parents do? Turn the responsibility over to your child!

Grab the Christmas Reading Chart Printable and your child will enjoy reading more!

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Free Christmas Reading Chart Printable

Use this free Christmas reading chart printable to encourage your children to read more this Christmas season. If you don’t need all the information, scroll on down to grab the printable now.

You children will color in one of 20 Christmas trees when they finish their reading. There are two versions of this reading log when you download the printable:

  • one is to color in a tree after each book.
  • the other is to color a tree for every 15 minutes of reading.

You can set a reward for each time your child colors in a tree or for when they finish the whole chart. Really, I don’t think a reward is necessary, though.

If you choose the right books and make reading time pleasant and low pressure, most children will be excited to do it!

First, you need to make sure it is part of your daily routine. If you need to, grab a free winter break printable here:

Then you need to choose great books. My library is doing library book take-out so check your local library.

christmas reading chart printable with 20 blank trees on a green clipboard

Why Use a Christmas Reading Log?

Good readers read frequently. It’s a fact – good readers read more frequently than poor readers.

Why is this? Because it’s easier for them! They have reached the point in reading where it’s become effortless when it’s fun.

STEP 1:  make sure your children are good readers is to make sure they know their letter sounds and how to decode.

STEP 2: But once your child has good skills in phonics, then the next step is to choose books that are decodable. This means make sure your child can actually sound out most of the words.

If on one page your child misses more than 1-2 words, try something a little easier or read that book together!

STEP 3: Print this chart and place it on a clipboard. Hang the clipboard in a place near your child’s books.

We love this clipboard set and have them hanging with all our printable routines and charts.

If needed, get a 15-minute sand timer for your child. I recommend a set with several times up to 15 minutes because your child might need to start at even just 2 minutes (and yes that counts- color the tree!)

STEP 4: introduce this chart. Now for my 2nd grader, the best approach is to get her to read for the first time around Christmas, then encourage her to color the tree.

Your child might do better if you explain it upfront.

STEP 5: Anticipate push back. If you think your child will complain, have a plan. Here are my suggestions:

  • Use “first, then.” First, you do your reading, then you have screen time (or we go to the playground or we decorate cookies, etc).
  • Read together. If you read aloud, it counts!
  • Model reading. Use this as a break for yourself and read while your child reads.

There are many reasons why reading during the Christmas season is important, but this year more than ever, all our children need the focused time to read.

Winter Break Reading Log

Nothing kills motivation to read like having to record title, author, and pages read. I’ve been there. I’ve assigned it. It’s not really helpful if our goal is to get children to read more,

However, coloring is easy and fun. It still provides a visual of accountability without turning it into a chore! So grab this free printable below, and get reading!


What are your child’s favorite books to read this holiday season? Share below!


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