Free Printable Christmas Thank You Cards

You want your children to focus on being grateful, not greedy. Use these free printable Christmas thank you cards for children to show appreciation.

This is Day 12 of 12 Days of Christmas printables. It’s my thank you gift for all the support you’ve shown this family-run small business.


So it’s the day after Christmas. Your child has a pile of gifts but doesn’t seem to be as appreciative as you hoped.

You want your child to express gratitude. You want your child to focus on the generosity of others.

While it’s still developmentally appropriate for little children to be self-centered, they can learn to be gracious gift receivers.

So grab these free printable Christmas thank you cards for children and develop the graciousness in your child.

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Why Write Thank You Cards for Children’s Christmas Gifts?

First, you’re probably wondering, “Does my child need to write thank you notes for their Christmas gifts?”

It is beneficial for them to write thank you notes for a few reasons:

  • expressing gratitude
  • understanding the social skill
  • practice with writing

Expressing Gratitude

With on-demand TV and groceries delivered in under an hour, children these days can take a lot for granted. Taking the time to express gratitude teaches them to become aware that they are not entitled to gifts.

Receiving gifts is a privilege for which they can be grateful.

Understanding the Social Skill

Expressing thanks is a social convention. Humans engage in social conventions in order to strengthen social bonds and connections.

But like almost all social skills for children, your child needs to the taught it.  Explaining that people enjoy being thanked with they have given something is the first step.

Practicing Writing

Anytime you can sneak in writing practice for school-age children, it’s a good thing. Writing is the most complicated academic skill for children.

Printable Thank You Cards for Christmas

You can use the black and white thank you note templates to achieve all three of those goals.

Plus, these free printable Christmas thank you notes are simple and easy – they are just what your busy family needs.

They are black and white on purpose:

  • it allows your child to put their personal touch on it when they color the blanks.
  • it is low on ink for you.
  • teachers can copy them for their class.

Plus, they are brief and come with a sentence starter. This supports early writers with developmentally appropriate expectations.

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Fill-in-the-Blank Christmas Notes

I’m the parent of a child who has difficulty with writing. Plus I taught dozens of students with learning disabilities how to write.

Here is the truth: Writing is complicated and challenging.

Your child needs to do these things when writing:

  • Choose a topic
  • Generate ideas
  • Store those ideas in their working memory in their brain.
  • Formulate the first sentence.
  • Remember the conventions of the particular form of writing (i.e. letter, story, paragraph, etc).
  • Spelling the words in thei sentence.
  • Use capital letters and end punctuation.
  • Form the letters correctly with good penmanship.

That is a lot.

But thank you notes can be easy. This thank you note template is a fill-in-the-blanks format.

Instead of monitoring the conventions like a greeting – the word “Dear” plus the comma are already there for your child.

Your child just needs to fill in the blanks for two simple sentences. Then the thank you note is complete!

How to Use the Free Printable Christmas Thank You Notes

Generally, children in grades 1 through 3 can write thank you cards independently.  Here’s what to do for children who are in the independent writing stage:

  • Print out the notes.
  • They are 2 to a page – print as many copies as you need notes.
  • Model one for your child to reference.
  • Let your child write – made-up spelling is fine!
  • If your child wants help with spelling, I find it easier to spell the words prior to writing. Try breaking the word into syllables and writing each syllable on a post-it note.
  • Encourage coloring the present and drawing a picture of the toy on the back.

If your child needs more support, there are ways you can use these thank you cards for children as well.

Christmas Thank You Note for Pre-Writers

Usually, children from ages 3 – 6 are still in the pre-writing stage. It’s still worthwhile to write the notes because they learn to express gratitude and about the social skill of expressing thanks for a gift.

Plus drawing is actually a pre-writing skill. Here’s what to do for pre-writers.

  • Your child can dictate their thank you note.
  • You can write the note for them.
  • Write your child’s name in a gray crayon or lightly with a pencil. Then your child can attempt to trace it.
  • After that, your child can draw a picture on the back.
  • Your child can color the picture of the present.

You don’t need to let your child’s lack of independence with writing hold them or you back!

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Writing thank-you notes with children doesn’t need to be hard. Use these simple printable thank you cards for Christmas.

Your children can discover that writing thank you notes can be easy.

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