Halloween Dot Marker Printables

Looking for a low-mess but high-fun Halloween activity that your child will love? Grab these free Halloween dot marker printables!

As a parent, Halloween already has a long t0-do list:

  • find costumes,
  • carve pumpkins,
  • make caramel apples,
  • trick-or-treating.

What about making something simple and easy? Halloween dot marker printables do just this!

Halloween dot worksheets are simply printables that have an image with circles inside. Your little one fills in the circles with paint from a dot marker.

But what if you have an older child? They love them, t00!

Plus there are ways you can make dot marker worksheets subtly educational. So read on and grab your Free Halloween Dot Marker Printables.

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Halloween Dot Marker Printables

Dot marker printables make arts and crafts time engaging for your child and low on the mess for you. Your child uses dot markers, also called dot paint or bingo daubers to fill in circles.

Look for a washable marker when you make your purchase. Do-a Dot Markers are the best quality dot markers I have found.

Dot marker worksheets are one of the most versatile activities. I share several of them for free on this website and they’re in my shop, too.

They are great because:

  • Children from ages toddler to 3rd-grade love dot painting.
  • Your child can use Do-a-Dot Markers, dot stickers, or other tools to fill the circles.
  • You can fill the dots with educational content, too!

My toddler uses them for building hand-eye coordination, my preschooler uses them for letter recognition, and my 3rd grader uses them for multiplication. They truly are a crowd-pleaser.

Halloween Dot Painting

Besides using dot markers, you can do other types of dot painting. Another fun way is to dot paint using a pom pom.

Just squirt a small amount of paint on a washable plate or craft tray. Then show your child how to aim to paint.

This craft is low-mess, but it builds pencil grip.  Children have to pinch the pom pom between their thumb and index finger.

This places the fingers in the same position as they need to hold a pencil. It also build their finger and hand strength.


Halloween Dot Sticker Worksheets

Another way to use these Halloween dot printables is with dot stickers. Like using pom poms, dot stickers builds pencil grip.

When a child peels a sticker from a sheet of dot labels, they also have to pinch their fingers.  This supports their ability to write.

You can let your child use the dot stickers however they like. You can also use a dot marker in each circle and have your child match the color with the dot sticker labels.

Make sure to grab a set of 3/4″ dot stickers. Any larger size would be too big.

Free Dot Marker Printables for Halloween

You can grab these free dot marker printables for Halloween. This free set includes:

  • monster
  • jack o’lantern
  • witch

Each printable comes in color or black and white. Notice there are no instructions on these worksheets?

That’s by design!

Your child can use them in so many ways. So you can give oral directions once you decide how you’d like your child to use them.

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How to Use Dab and Dot Printables

You can use these Dab and Dot Printables for children from ages toddler to 3rd grade! Here are some suggestions for how to use them:

  1. Toddlers – practice hand-eye coordination
  2. Preschoolers – work on letter names, shapes, or numbers
  3. Kindergarten – practice letter sounds or use a die to roll a number
  4. First grade- review sight words or practice doubles facts
  5. Second grade – write in words with a phonics pattern
  6. Third grade – review multiplication facts


Toddlers need a lot of practice to work on their hand-eye coordination. This means that their brain can see a location and tell their hand how to get there efficiently and effectively.


Make these cute Halloween dot market worksheets more educational for your preschoolers. Simply write in letters or numbers or draw a shape.

Then as your preschooler dots the worksheet, they can identify the letter, number, or shape.


For kindergarten children, you can write in lowercase letters. Your child can either say the letter names or practice saying the letter sounds.

Develop math skills by using a die. Just write in the numbers 1-6 on the Halloween dot marker printable. Then hand your child one die. Personally, we love the large-size foam dice because they are quiet!

When your child rolls, they look at the quantity on the die and quickly identify the amount. Over time, your child will be able to see five dots and automatically recognize the amount without counting. This is called subitizing and is an important math skill!

First Grade

Your first-grade child can use the Halloween dot marker printables to practice sight words. Just write in a few of the high-frequency words they are practicing in the dots. Then they can read them as they dot.

You can also practice doubles facts your first grader. Inside the dots on the Halloween do-a-dot worksheets, write in the numerals 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12.

Tell your child to roll the die and double it. So if they roll a 1, they think 1+1=2. Then your child dabs the number 2.

Second Grade

Write in words with the phonics patterns your child is learning. Let’s say they are reading words with long a.

You can write in words like:

  • pail
  • rain
  • stain
  • brain
  • braids

Third Grade

For your third grader, just write in multiplication problems like 3×5. As your child dots each circle, they can announce the product.

You could also write in products and say facts aloud to your child. For example, if your child is learning 5s facts, you can write in 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc.

Then say 4×5 to your child. They will dot the number 20.

Dot marker worksheets can be fun and purposeful for your child. There are so many skills you can incorporate practice with when you use the Halloween Dot Marker Worksheets.

Looking for More Dot Marker Worksheets?

There are more printable worksheets for dot markers available in the Printable Parents’ Shop:

Apple Themed Dot the Letters Worksheets

These Apple Dot the Letter printables are so much fun for learning letter recognition for each capital and lowercase letter.

Use each worksheet by itself or bind it with the optional cover.  Also available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Alphabet Dab and Dot Worksheets

Letter recognition and learning the alphabet is so much fun with Alphabet Dab and Dot Worksheets.

There are 120 thematic pages and you can use them countless ways. Your child can say the letter names as they dab, or you can call out the letter sounds.

Also available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Sight Word Dab-a-Dot Worksheets

Is your child ready to learn the sight words? Grab all 220 of the Dolch Sight Words in these Sight Word Dab-a-Dot Worksheets.

It is divided into 11 twenty-page printable workbooks. The words are ordered by how frequently they appear in English.

You help your child read the sight word. Your child and you can color-code the letters in the sight word. I recommend green for regular and predictable sound spellings, yellow for sound spellings that haven’t been learned yet, and red for tricky or irregular sound spellings.

Then your child uses dot markers to dab the word. This gives a ton of opportunities to practice reading the word.

Also available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

CVC Words Dot Worksheets

These CVC Words Dot Worksheets are perfect for children learning to read CVC words. Each picture comes with 3 CVC words. Your child has to read them very carefully because the words look alike.

For example, the picture of the ram has three words: run, rim, and ram. So instead of guessing, your child has to pay attention to every letter in the word. This develops good reading habits.

Recapping Halloween Dot Marker Printables

Here’s the summary of Halloween Dot Marker Printables:

  • They are low on mess but a lot of fun for kids of all ages.
  • Besides dot markers, you can use pom poms dipped in paint and dot stickers.
  • Grab 6 free printables – monster, witch, and jack o’lantern in this post.
  • You can fill the circles with educational content like numbers, letters, or words.
  • Find pre-filled dot marker worksheets that build academic skills in the shop.


Halloween Dot Marker Printables bring festive fun into your family in a low mess way.

You can use them as is and entertain your toddler long enough to eat your lunch. You can also fill them with academic content to build skills with older children.

Make sure to grab them today.



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