Feelings Worksheets PDF (Why they Help Children)


You want to help your child learn about emotions? Using feelings worksheets pdf is a structured way to make abstract emotions more concrete.


My daughter Molly was five years old when she can home from preschool one day. After she put away her backpack and shoes, she got out her crayons and paper.

As I helped her toddler brother into the house, she busily worked on a drawing at the table.

She showed it to me a few minutes later.  She drew a picture of herself frowning.

“This is Molly. She feels sad. It’s a long time until her birthday.”

I was shocked. Instead of a tantrum or meltdown, she expressed her emotions in words and a picture.

Learning emotions is incredibly powerful for children. Simply learning to identify them easily can make a huge difference in the life of your child and your whole family.

If you’re looking for a more structured way to teach your child emotions, check out these feelings worksheets pdf.

Why use feelings worksheets PDF with your children?

Learning to name feelings is an incredibly powerful skill for children. Understanding their own emotions is the first step in managing emotions.

Having a way to regulate emotions makes it easier to have relationships with friends and teachers. So there are definite benefits to using feelings worksheets pdf with your child.

Emotions are abstract. But using feelings worksheets pdf can help make emotions and feelings more concrete for children.

Worksheets provide a tangible and structured way to work on emotions with your child. With a worksheet, your child will sort, label, and identify distinctions in emotions.

Using feelings worksheets pdf gives children multiple opportunities to understand before they apply the concepts of feelings and emotions in their own experiences.

Children need to be fluent in recognizing feelings and emotions prior to being able to handle their own emotions. Using feelings worksheets pdf is a great way to achieve this goal.

The differences between feelings and emotions

We often use feelings and emotions interchangeably with children. You’ll notice I use both in this blog post because the feelings worksheets pdf will have both feelings and emotions.

However, there are distinct differences.

Feelings are something your child can physically feel in their body. Hunger, thirst, and tiredness are feelings.

Emotions, however, are mental experiences of or reactions to situations or thoughts.

Emotions and feelings can be interrelated.

If your child is angry, their body may feel hot and tense, too.

By bringing attention to how your child physically feels, it will also draw their attention to how they mentally feel as well.

Feelings worksheets pdf can help your child learn some of the distinctions between feelings and emotions.

How to help your children with their emotions

The best way to help your child with their emotions is to make discussing feelings a priority.

By giving emotions and feelings as much attention as you give soccer or reading skills, you are showing your child you value emotional health.

  • Label emotions.
  • Do emotions activities.
  • Read books where children experience a wide range of emotions
  • Discuss the negative and positive emotions in a neutral way.
  • Handle your own emotions.

Free Identifying Emotions Worksheet

Use this free identifying emotions worksheet with your child.  Your child will identify the emotions as happy, sad, mad, and worried.

Your child needs to:

  • Color the pictures of the animal faces,
  • Cut them out on the lines.
  • Sort the animal faces by emotion.
  • Glue them on the sorting worksheet.

Grab this identifying emotions worksheet for your child today.

Summer Theme Emotions Worksheet PDF Printable Pack

This printable pack has 20 pages of worksheets to help your children identify feelings and emotions.

The cute shark, crab, popsicle, pineapple, watermelon, and sun characters had a wide variety of feelings and emotions. The activities are fantastic for helping your children develop their ability to quickly and easily name emotions.

Each worksheet builds additional skills for your children like critical thinking, patterns, color, number recognition, and more!

Matching Emotions Worksheets

Your child will look at a row of three characters and find the matching emotion.  Your child will identify the feeling each character is experiencing.

While this helps your child name different emotions, it also builds in critical thinking practice.

Circle the Emotion Worksheet PDF

Your child will look for patterns within the emotions worksheet. This builds your child’s visual discrimination skills while building their emotional fluency.

Color by Emotions Worksheet

Like color by number, your child will identify each popsicle’s emotion and color it the correct color.

Color by Number Feelings Worksheet

On this feelings worksheet, all the characters are experiencing the same emotion. Your child will build in some practice with math and fine motor skills on this color by number feelings worksheet.

Emotions I Spy Worksheet

This I-Spy Emotions Worksheet builds in tons of counting along with identifying emotions. Children who can not write the numbers yet can use these worksheets by simply coloring in the circle with the correct number.

Empathy Emotions Worksheet PDF

In these worksheets, your child will first identify the emotion of the character.  Then your child can imagine what might be causing the character to feel that way.

This is the beginning of empathy – when your child can look at the world from another person’s perspective.

There are no right or wrong answers – it’s just important that your child can consider the perspective of another person.

Cut and Paste Emotions Worksheet PDF

Your child will practice their scissor skills with the matching emotions worksheet. Your child studies the character’s faces to see the similarities.

You can grab the Summer Emotions Worksheet PDF here.

Free Anger Volcano

While it is not a feelings worksheet pdf, this printable is very helpful. If you have a child who struggles with anger, make sure to grab it.

Get the printable and read more about how to use it in Anger Chart for Children.


As adults, we take for granted how easily we can name emotions. But it’s new for children.

It’s really important that your child has a way to manage their emotions and that starts with learning about feelings.

So grab these feelings worksheets pdf and enjoy a fun and structured way to teach your child about their emotions.

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