Everything Alphabet Flash Sale

You know learning letters is important,
but did you know it’s the best predictor
of reading success?

So is your fridge already covered in gold star reading papers from school?

Or are you waking up in cold sweat panicked you haven’t prepared your child to learn to read and spell?

Hey there, busy parent. If we sat down for a mom chat, would you tell me that your child…

  • Can’t tell the M from the W?
  • Cuts like badger wearing oven mitts?
  • Draws a circle that looks more like a squiggle?
  • Writes letters like – nope. Your child can’t even hold the pencil yet!

If this sounds like your child, it’s not your fault. The past few years have been nuts. You haven’t had one second to breathe – let alone teach your child. Plus you’re not a teacher!

But… research clearly demonstrates that


which is why you need…

  • a systematic, complete tool for the alphabet
  • a kindergarten reading teacher to walk you through how to teach it.
  • practice that does double duty by including cutting, tracing, and drawing circles
  • everything in one place so you don’t waste hours on Pinterest.

You get all this with the
Everything Alphabet Printable Pack.

  • 289 pages
  • B&W for your creative child
  • Instructions included in each unit
  • Pictures facilitate learning
  • Teaches capital letters & introduces lowercase
  • Systematic fine motor practice


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Hi, I’m Anne! I am a mom of three and a kindergarten reading specialist.

When my daughter was struggling to hear the sounds of letters, I knew it was time to get some help.

We got an evaluation and she is dyslexic. Difficulty with the alphabet was one the first signs.

So I’m on a mission to support parents with early reading resources that work, even if you’re not a teacher!

Special Bonus

Everything you need to teach your child lowercase letters!

regular price $12

My child needs this!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this be shipped to me?

No, this is a digital download. You can get started immediately and have $0 in shipping fees!

How do I print this?

I use and wholeheartedly recommend HP Instant Ink. Plans start at 50 full color or black and white copies per month for just $2.99. I use the $4.99/month plan for 100 pages.

You don’t need to print it all at once. I suggest you start with one unit and finish it first.

Can I share these with my team/friends/students’ parents/clients?

These are just for personal home or individual classroom use. It violates my copyright and the copyright of the clip art creators to share them or post them elsewhere. Feel free to direct your friends to this page, and if you work for a school, district, or in another professional capacity email me: anne@printableparents.com.

How long will it take to go through this?

I recommend about 13-26 weeks depending on the child. If you consistently spend 10-15 minutes most days, you’ll be able to complete most of the activities.

Can’t I just use commercial workbooks?

Yes, you could. But they are not as effective. This bundle has the repetition proven to help children be successful. Plus it targets skills like cutting, gluing, and visual discrimination that most workbooks leave out.

Do we need this many pages?

Repetition is critical! Each unit of the bundle targets a different fine motor skill in addition to the alphabet and/or letter sounds. You can do all the pages or pick and choose what makes sense for your child based on their needs.

Can my kindergarten or first grader use this?

Definitely! If your child needs letter name or letter sound review, or if your child needs practice with cutting, tracing, or other fine motor skills, this bundle will work for them!

What if it doesn’t work for us?

Send me an email and I’ll help you problem solve.  But my kids are autistic and have ADHD, and one is dyslexic, and it’s helped them!

What’s the return policy?

You can’t return a digital product, so all sales are final. But like I said above, if you’re not getting good results, email me. We can troubleshoot behaviors or academic skills.


  • Everything Alphabet Printable Pack ($55 regular price)
  • Lowercase Letters Binder ($12 regular price)

$67 value

Just $27 – 60% off


Don’t wait! Just like drinking your coffee while it’s hot, this deal won’t last.

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