Daily Schedule Template for Kids

You want to get organized and get your kids on a daily routine. So grab this free daily schedule template for kids and start today!

Have you ever had a day you wondered “Where did all the time go” at the end of a busy day with your kids?

You felt like you did a lot, but there isn’t much to show for it?

You skipped bathtime, the kids ate Goldfish crackers in front of the TV for snack, and the wet laundry is still in the washing machine?

Most parents have had days like this, and fortunately, there is a pretty easy solution. You need 10 minutes, a pen, and a daily schedule template for kids.

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What is a Daily Schedule Template for Kids?

A daily schedule gives you a framework for how your child’s day will go based on time.  A daily schedule template breaks down the day by hours so you can visually see how the day will progress.

The schedule makes sure all the important tasks are covered during your child’s day. You schedule things like wake and bedtime, then add in meal times, and can fill in the rest of your priorities.

Benefits of Daily Schedule Template for Kids

There are several benefits to using a daily schedule template for kids.  A few of my favorite reasons to use a daily schedule template are:

  • Gives children structure to their day
  • Making time for parents’ needs
  • Priorities get scheduled

Gives Children Structure

As mentioned above, children need structure. Even before the trend of gentle parenting started, parents provided structure.

Children might have been free to play most of the day in prior generations, but their day was still anchored by meals, chores, and bedtime.

Research consistently demonstrates that children thrive when there is predictability in their lives. A daily schedule template helps with that.

Priorities are scheduled

Another reason a daily schedule template can be helpful is for scheduling priorities. When you look at a day globally, you can fit in the priorities first.

For your child, priorities are:

  • Wake and bedtimes
  • Meals
  • Hygiene
  • Play
  • Learning

Other priorities for your family could be:

  • therapy sessions like OT, speech, behavioral or mental health therapy
  • sports practice or lessons
  • chores
  • family time
  • outdoor play

Makes Time for Parents’ Needs

Last, I’m a big fan of schedules because they support parents’ needs, too. Listen, this website is named Printable Parents for a purpose.

When parents are supported, the children can thrive.

When you fill in the daily schedule template for your children’s needs, keep in mind your own needs or the needs of your partner.

At minimum you need time for:

  • sleep
  • hygiene
  • your meals

You probably also need time for:

  • housework
  • work
  • exercise
  • a leisure activity like scrolling Twitter, reading a book, or watching Netflix

Daily Routine for a Five-Year-Old

If you’re looking for an example of what a daily routine looks like, this is our five-year-old’s daily schedule. Keep in mind, that what’s good for one family, might not be good for your family.

  • 6:00 am: wake up and play
  • 6:30: breakfast and morning routine
  • 7:45: leave for school
  • 12pm: lunch
  • 3:00: school ends
  • 3:30: snack
  • 4:00: play outside
  • 5:30: dinner
  • 6:00: bedtime routine
  • 6:45: stories in bed
  • 7:00: lights out

Daily Schedule Template for Kids

I created this free daily schedule template for kids for you to use.

It is a daily schedule template for kids pdf so you’ll print it out and fill it in my hand. There are three colors to choose from: blue, green, and pink.

You can download it in the box below. Just enter your name and email and it will be sent directly to your email.

How do I make a schedule for my daily routine for kids?

Once you print out the daily schedule template for kids, this is how you can make the schedule:

  1. Write in wake time and bedtime.
  2. Anchor the days with mealtimes.
  3. Brainstorm all the other activities you want to include for your child.
  4. List all the activities you need to accomplish.
  5. Prioritize the top 3-5 activities.
  6. Add those into the daily schedule.

Then post the schedule on your fridge or next to your computer.

How NOT to Use a Daily Schedule Template

This is my big word of caution:

Don’t create more work for yourself with a daily schedule template for your kids.

A quick internet search reveals thousands of templates that require checking off each task Sunday through Saturday.

I beg you: please don’t do this to yourself.

This is going to be more stressful for parents than your current setup. I promise.

Now instead of reminding your child to do all their tasks, you’re also going to have to monitor the chart.

It’s more work – not less.

So what’s better?

How do I get my kids on a daily routine?

Use routines more than often schedules. A schedule is a tool for you as mentioned above.

Your goal for having a schedule for your child is likely to increase their independence. That happens better with a routine than a schedule because children don’t have a good sense of time.

These are my tips for getting your child on a daily routine:

  • Start with where you are.
  • Write down your current morning routine.
  • Write your desired morning routine.
  • Make a routine chart for your children.

Start with where you are

While I think routines are amazing, I see most parents fail by trying to overhaul everything at once. This is setting yourself up for failure.

Just look at your existing routine and build from there.

Write down the current morning schedule or routine

This is a time to be honest with yourself. Write down what’s currently going on even if it involves yelling at the kids and feeding them Nutrigrain bars in the car (not judging!).

Write down your desired routine for your child

From there, write down the activities you want your child to do.

You can make one small change a week from your current setup:

  • Add one new task to the routine.
  • Teach your child how to do it.
  • Reinforce it with praise and a high-five when your child accomplishes them.

Make a morning routine chart for your children

You can just write it out a piece of construction paper with stick figure drawings. It doesn’t need to be fancy.

But if you want a custom morning routine chart printable,  you’re in luck. Check out the editable daily routine charts.

Daily Routine Chart Template for your Kids

If there is one thing I’ve heard from parents is the need for editable daily routine charts. The free charts on this website are great for getting started.

And a lot of times, they will work perfectly for your family. But for many families, they find they need to tweak something to be more convenient for their families.

The solution?

Introducing Real-Life Routines! You can make routine charts from templates that fit your real life.

Inside Real Life Routines, you get three daily routine charts and two editable daily schedule templates to edit on your computer:

  • Morning Routine
  • After School Routine
  • Bedtime Routine
  • Daily schedule templates

To edit them, you’ll use a free app called Canva. If you can use Word or Google Docs, you can use Canva.

But I’ve heard not all parents are tech-savvy. So when you purchase Real Life Routines, you’ll also get links to video tutorials I made that show you how to:

  • set up your free account
  • download the templates to your account
  • rename and save them
  • edit the text
  • search for free images

So the bottom line is you don’t have to be a computer scientist to use this!

Daily Schedule Template PDF

You can grab two fully editable daily schedule templates PDF inside Real Life Routines.

First, use the daily schedule template PDF to outline your day for your child. There is a unicorn version and a rocket ship.

But the great news is you can easily swap it. Just search under the heading “Elements” for the theme your child prefers.

Do they like tigers? There is a free clip art for that!

Do you want a black and white, low ink version. You can easily switch the font.

Once you’ve made all the changes you need to the daily schedule template for your child, just save it as a PDF.

Make a folder on your computer to download all your daily routines. This way, you can edit it whenever life changes for your family.

Editable Daily Routine Chart Template

If you find you need editable daily routine charts, you’re in luck. Real Life Routines has editable daily routine chart templates.

Grab it in the Printable Parents’ Shop so you can find a routine that fits your family’s real life.


You can bring more structure and calm to your day with a simple daily schedule template for kids. Grab the free printable today.

Try it out, and if you find you need an editable daily schedule template or editable routine charts, you can find them inside Real Life Routines.

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