What You Need to Know about the Amazon Baby Registry

Are you wondering which baby registries have the best value and perks? I’ve checked them out and here’s what you need to know about the Amazon Baby Registry

I’m a mama of two, soon to be three, kids. You’d think I didn’t need to register for Baby #3 – that I’d have everything already.

But guess what? As we looked through our baby stash, we found some stuff was worn out, generally needed to be replaced, or had expired.

So this past month, I’ve explored baby registries and signed up for two.  Here’s what you need to know about the Amazon Baby Registry.

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How Do You Set up an Amazon Baby Registry?

You can set up your Amazon Baby Registry right here.

  1.  Select “Create a new Baby Registry.”
  2.  Select your due date – if it changes, you can change it, too!
  3.  Enter your home address, and answer a few more questions about your email and gifting preferences.
  4. Choose your privacy settings (public, shared with a link, or private).

That’s it!

Once your registry is complete, you can navigate to Baby Registry Settings and add a co-registrant like your spouse.  You can also add a welcome message to friends and family.

The Benefits of the Amazon Baby Registry

There are several benefits you need to know about the Amazon Baby Registry.

Sheer Quantity of Items

If there is something you need or want, you will probably be able to find it on Amazon!  It was easy to find the replacement nipples for bottles and breast pump tubing for my breast pump.  I also found some kind of obscure-sized bassinet sheets on Amazon.

If you need something, you’ll find it!

Completion Discount

When you register on Amazon, you’ll get a completion discount to use on anything left on your registry.  If you already have Amazon Prime, you’ll get 15% off!  You get to use this discount twice.

This is a huge benefit.  For parents like us who didn’t have a baby shower for Baby #3, it was nice to use that discount for the things we absolutely needed like a new infant car seat.

Welcome Box

Once you complete three steps, you’ll receive a Welcome Box valued at $35!

I was blown away by my Welcome Box.  It contained:

Diaper Discount

You can get 20% off diapers for a YEAR on Amazon if your registry purchases hit $500 or more.  This discount stacks with the 20% off diapers when you are an Amazon Family member.  So yes, you can get your diapers for almost 40% off with Amazon!

Our family will easily hit that $500 minimum as we’ve bought the car seat, diapers, formula, and replacement pump and bottle parts from our own registry.

Diaper Fund

The Diaper Fund allows your friends and family to contribute any amount, up to $550 in total, towards diapers. You’ll receive an electronic Amazon Gift Card which you can use to purchase diapers on Amazon.

Group Gifting

Group Gifting allows gift-givers contribute to bigger ticket items on your registry. You simply select Group Gifting when you register and then your friends and family can then choose how much they want to contribute..  All contributions will be received in the form of an Amazon Electronic Gift Card.

The Drawbacks of the Amazon Baby Registry

While there are tons of benefits, there are some drawbacks you need need to know about amazon baby registry


While you have up to 365 days to make a return (SWEET!), I must admit that Amazon returns are a bit of a hassle for me.

First, you have to repackage the item.  Also, you have to print a return label.  Then you return items to various Amazon drop off locations. The UPS Store is the most convenient location for me geographically, but due to their limited hours, I always have to wait in a long line with my two kids and it’s a nuisance.

This is 100% more of a headache for me than returning to Target where they can just scan a barcode in my Target app for returns and parking is easy.  Plus, Target has more flexible hours that accommodate my husband’s schedule.  This means errands without kids!

However, you need to know your individual situation for returns.  My friend lives in Seattle near a super convenient Amazon drop-off location.  She doesn’t have to unbuckle her children from their car seats in order to complete a return.  However, going to Target is a nightmare for her.  The location is out of the way and the parking is awful.

So returns are not a one-size fits all problem.

Welcome Box

At Target you can get the Welcome Bag just for registering. I hadn’t even entered any items on my Target registry and they gave me the Welcome Bag.

Amazon requires a minimum $10 purchase from your registry and it wasn’t entirely clear how much or which products you had to add to hit their minimum number of items.  I just kept adding product until the app said I qualified for a Welcome Box.

My Honest Thoughts on the Amazon Baby Registry

If we thought we’d have another child, I’d use Amazon Baby Registry again in a heartbeat. The discount codes alone are worth the time I spent adding items to the registry and going through their checklist.

I’m also a raving fan of the free two-shipping that Prime offers.  I love that I could get almost any product I need.

Plus I know that I’m getting a competitive value on items like diapers, formula, wipes and bigger ticket items like car seats.

How about you?  Have you tried the Amazon Baby Registry?  What did you think?

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  1. Great review! I was wondering if the registry was worth the time, but never tried it. Sounds like a great welcome box with things you will actually need.
    Sending prayers for a smooth delivery and patience while waiting for the big day!

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