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*Week 4 & Week 5 Update* 400 Items in 40 Days Declutter Challenge

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For the 40 Days of Lent, I’ve committed to a 400 items in 40 Days Declutter Challenge.

I can’t handle the KonMari method of pulling everything out – it’s way too overwhelming for me. Instead I’m decluttering a manageable 10 items a day. See more about the declutter challenge and get the free printable here.

My strategy for the fourth and fifth weeks was to dig a little deeper from more hidden junk. Here’s what I’ve found during these weeks of the Declutter Challenge.

Week 4 Declutter Challenge Update

We went out of town for part of Spring Break so I had to play catch up and missed posting this update last week! Ooops!


I gathered items from more closets around the house. I found 10 items – a diaper bag and other luggage, some DVDs and a couple toys. I’ll sell those toys and DVDs on Facebook.


I gathered 14 more items from my daughter’s room. Everything was generally trash: worn out barbies andd leftover odds and ends from her Valentine’s party.


I decluttered more items from my nightstand and found a huge stack of old journal, notebooks, and random magazines. Now my nightstand has even more room for what I’m currently reading.

These 20 items were recycled or thrown in the trash and one brand new coloring book for adults will be sold on Facebook.


I went through a huge envelope of old photos and papers from my mom.
I recycled a bunch of my preschool paperwork and projects.
This stack had at least 20 papers in it!


Sundays don’t count in the 40 Days of Lent so I didn’t declutter anything.


I headed back to my daughter’s room and started sorting through her dresser. She is choosy about what she’ll wear so I gathered 10 items of her unworn clothes to sell on Facebook.


I went through a shelf in our kitchen and gathered a stack of 20 items of paperwork. I shredded anything with personal information and recycled the rest.

Week 5 Declutter Challenge Update

I had to play catch up and do 6 days worth of decluttering in one day.  Here’s what we found:

My husband went through his nightstand and found 15 items: old CPAP packaging plus old journals and papers. Everything was shredded, recycled or trashed.

I went through my daughter’s closet and gathered 9 items: a cheap hat, 5 dresses, a sweatshirt, a box of Under Jams and a partial package.

Molly is nighttime potty trained so I sold the pull ups on Facebook as well as the dresses. The sweatshirt has some stains so I offered it up on my Buy Nothing group. The hat was tossed in the garbage.

I went through my son’s closet and found 4 trucks to sell on Facebook, 8 pairs of pajamas he’s out grown, and two empty containers for a total of 20 items.

The pajamas and trucks are listed on Facebook for sale and the containers were recycled.

I went through our medicine cabinet in our linen closet and threw away nine items: expired sunscreen and heat wraps, empty packaging and worn out headbands.

I sorted through our spice cabinet and found 17 old and generally icky things to toss.

I went through another shelf and found 11 items to dispose of.

Weekly item totals:

Week 1: 72 items
Week 2: 84 items
Week 3: 87 items
Week 4: 94 items
Week 5: 81 items

Total: 418


I’ve already decluttered more than my goal of 400 items but we still have so much stuff.  I’m enjoying the extra breathing room, but I’m also wondering how we accumulated so much stuff in the first place.

Come back next Wednesday and see the Week 6 update!

What have you decluttered this week? Drop a comment!


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