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*Week 3 Update* 400 items in 40 days Declutter Challenge – free printable

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For the 40 Days of Lent, I’ve committed to a 400 items in 40 Days Declutter Challenge.

I can’t handle the KonMari method of pulling everything out – it’s way too overwhelming for me. Instead I’m decluttering a manageable 10 items a day. See more about the challenge and get the free printable here.

My strategy for the third week was to find and list some items on Facebook buy and sell groups. Here’s what I’ve decluttered this week.


I headed back into our master closet and cleared out 11 more trash items- the box for our Fire TV (which we love by the way), some empty mailers I saved just in case, a random lid, some receipts and other trash. Everything went into the garbage or the recycle.

Now that the surface trash is gone, I’m going to need to dig through clothes in the closet next week!


I gathered 20 item through the house to list on Facebook groups.  A 13 piece Mega Block truck set, 3 pieces of workout gear, 5 pairs of Thomas the train socks, a pair of Minnie Mouse slippers, a Super Grover toy, and a brand new set of pjs and a gift set.

These 25 items were all listed on a Facebook group. Some have sold at the time of post and some have not. Anything that does sell by Easter, will be donated.


I gathered 14 home or pretend school items and listed them on Facebook, too.  This bundle included a chalkboard, a whiteboard, lacing cards, flashcards, a calendar set, a feltbook, and some decorative items. We have a lot of preschool-type learning products for Molly and Andrew (I’m a licensed teacher after all!) so these were duplicates to products we’re currently using

These items have already sold and been picked up.


I went through a one of our dress up bins and found 13 items to discard. I tossed play headbands that were falling apart, a torn skirt, some beaded necklaces and a soccer ball with a chunk missing. We have plenty of balls and sports equipment and don’t need to keep the damaged items.

All of this was damaged and went into the trash.


Sundays don’t count in the 40 Days of Lent so I didn’t declutter anything.


I did a quick sort through Molly’s art table and recycled an empty plastic container that must have housed supplies at some point. I also recycled a stack of used paper and coloring books and tossed an empty hand santizier (not sure why it was there), a slap bracket and a broken pair of headphones.  Her art table needs more work but I found 14 items to recycle or throw away.


I quickly sorted through my wrapping paper box. I found 15 items: tags, boxes, bag, favor sacks, crumpleted tissue paper, and bride & groom cupcake toppers.

5 items went into the trash or recycling and the rest was posted on Facebook buy & sell groups.

Weekly item totals:

Week 1: 72 items
Week 2: 84 items
Week 3: 87 items

Total so far: 243


It’s nice to have made some money on some items we had in our house.  Honestly, I’m shocked at how much plain old trash we’re storing though – broken toys and empty boxes.

Sometimes I feel annoyed with myself that I”m not more on top of it – and then I remember, I’ve been busy with more important things during busier seasons.

Now is a good season for our family to declutter.

Come back next Wednesday and see the Week 4 update!

What have you decluttered this week? Drop a comment!

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