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*Week 1 Update* 400 Items in 40 Days Declutter Challenge

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For the 40 Days of Lent, I’ve committed a 400 items in 40 Days Declutter Challenge.

I can’t handle the KonMari method of pulling everything out – it’s way to overwhelming for me.  Instead I’m decluttering a manageable 10 items a day.  See more about the challenge and get the free printable here.

My strategy for the first week was to go for low-hanging fruit and give myself as many quick wins as I could to build some momentum.  Here’s what I’ve decluttered this week.


I recycled a stack of ten old magazines. Some were from 2016! Ugh.


I gathered 12 more items – a bunch of stretched out headbands and hair ties and several combs that were in a large pack from Target.  We have more hair ties and combs than we need right now and they were taking up precious real estate in the bathrooms.

I tossed the hair ties and passed on the combs by sharing them in my local Buy Nothing Facebook group.


I decluttered 12 more bathroom items. We had several brand new tubes of toothpastes on the verge of expiring and several lotion containers we were not using.

I posted these items in my local Buy Nothing Facebook group.  While some of the lotions were already partially used, a few of my neighbors were still interested and in need of these items.


I did a quick three minute sort through my dresser and found 10 items of clothing: some pajamas, yoga pants, and tops that I no longer used.  Some of these items were shared in the Buy Nothing group and some are in a bag for Goodwill.

It’s really important to have an exit strategy so I scheduled my drop off day for Friday on my calendar when I run another errand in the area.


Sundays don’t count in the 40 Days of Lent so I didn’t declutter anything.


I headed to the master bathroom and found 13 more items: mainly empty eye drop vials and Cerave lotion that no longer works for my skin.

The Cerave is scheduled to be picked up from my Buy Nothing group and the eye drops were trash!


I ventured into our master closet.  It is bad, folks.  Really bad.

I found 15 items including a worn out diaper bag that I should have trashed the moment I got a new one.  Why did I hang onto it? The straps are beyond repair.

I also found a pile of trash, a couple pairs of pants that went in my Goodwill bag from Saturday, and a pair of Dansko clogs I will try to sell on Facebook.

Weekly item totals:

Week 1: 72 items


We badly needed this declutter challenge. I will have no problem finding 400 items to declutter during this challenge.

Come back next Wednesday and see the Week 2 update!

What have you decluttered this week? Drop a comment!

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