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If you’ve ever told your students, “Just sound it out,” then realized you don’t understand the sounds either… keep on scrolling!

Let’s get real for a quick second, my dedicated teacher friend. If you opened up to your favorite reading specialist (me) in the DMs, would you tell me….

  • you’d rather do bus duty in a snowstorm than explain sounds?
  • your class is just so low and you know they’re missing sound skills?
  • your curriculum has huge gaps in teaching sound-spellings?
  • your student guesses instead of sounding out?
  • you worry you can’t answer parents’ questions about phonics?

It’s not your fault that your students are struggling to read and spell…

  • You were not taught English well enough in elementary school, either.
  • If you have phonics curriculum, it’s still missing this foundational information
  • Reading science has evolved over the years.
  • Tons of kids are behind from the pandemic, and you’re having to catch them up.
  • Dyslexia is way more common than we were taught in our special ed courses.

Which is why you need a tool that will show you the sounds and simple routine to reach every learner…



An on-demand training and simple eBook that will teach you:

  • the 44 sounds in English
  • the most common ways to spell them
  • a simple routine to practice reading and spelling the sounds one-on-one, small group, or whole class
  • a hands-on, low-prep way to practice sounding out words
  • PLUS – over 100 pages to take your youngest learners from sounds to CVC word sentences
BONUS #1: Word Mapping Training ($59 value)

This on-demand video training will give you:

  • step-by-step examples
  • scripts for EXACTLY what to say
  • hands-on phonics practice for reading and spelling
  • practice cards for over 30 phonics skills

You can use this word mapping activity in small groups or as a center for the phonics skills your students have already learned.

BONUS #2: Printable Games ($25 value)

Over 20 printable games covering 60+ skills:

  • connect reading to spelling to make it stick
  • contain sequenced practice cards
  • make practice time pleasant
  • fix b/d reversals

BONUS #3: Private Instagram Page ($45 value)

You get access to our Private Instagram Page for 3 months.

You’ll get all your questions answered on video. Plus you get the chance to learn from other teachers and moms’ challenges and concerns.

I also share extra content there as I learn people need it. This allows me to update Sounds School without re-recording tons of videos!

Why 3 months?

The time limit gives you a deadline so you’re more likely to get started today!

BONUS #4: 300+ pages of phonics reading and spelling assessment ($39 value)

Wondering where to start with your class or students?

These assessments will help you pinpoint your students’ areas of weakness in 75+ phonics skills.

You won’t get stuck going over the concepts your class already knows.

Plus these assessments are plain without cute clip art. Your older students won’t feel they are babyish at all!


English is made up of 44 sounds spelled with combinations of 26 letters.

Most teachers are learning this right alongside you because no one taught us in our teacher prep!

  • Your students need to hear the sounds.
  • Then connect them to letters to read.
  • Plus they need to know all the ways to spell those sounds.
  • But first you need this knowledge!

Reading is code of letters based on speech.
You need to know the sounds and the letters that can spell them.


  • Reading intervention teachers struggling with whole word approaches
  • Classroom teachers who need more knowledge about the phoneme-grapheme connection.
  • Tutors who want to see faster growth in their clients

You can help your students get closer to benchmark.
But you’re missing foundational knowledge
(like most teachers).


  • Sounds School On-Demand Training
  • A simple-to-understand, printable guide to the 44 sounds in English and how to spell them
  • Sequenced decodable worksheets (geared toward K-1).
  • Printable materials to practice the sounds (K-3rd)
  • Bonus: Word Mapping Activities for over 30 phonics sounds (K-3rd)
  • Bonus: Approximately 30 minute training on Word Mapping.
  • Bonus: 3 months in private Instagram
  • Bonus: B/D reversals games (K-4th)
  • Bonus: Phonics Games (K-4th)
  • Bonus: 300+ pages assessments (K-6th+)

I’m Anne and I know a little something about teaching kids to read and spell

Hi, I’m Anne! I am a Kinder through 2nd grade reading specialist, Orton-Gillingham trained dyslexia tutor,  and mom to three kids.

I remember those early days of teaching. Feeling so clueless about teaching my ELLs in downtown Los Angeles. My grad program was heavy on the Balanced Literacy and light on the “actually teaching kids to read the words.”

When I moved to Seattle, I had an amazing principal who got me trained in Orton-Gilllingham. It blew my mind how easily I could teach students to spell and read once I had a better understanding of the speech sounds.

Fast forward 10 years, and my husband and I discovered our daughter is dyslexic. I assumed her teachers knew how to help her too.

Nope, structured literacy hadn’t made its way into her school. I found most teachers still need support with teaching reading.

Cognitive science proved this about 40 years ago how to help most kids read. So I got to work to help parents and educators like you.


Q1: Why didn’t we learn this in college?!

Sadly, there is still a disconnect between cognitive science and schools of education. So we got taught theory and not research.

I know it’s so frustrating.

You shouldn’t have to do your own professional development. But if you choose to, I’m here for you!

Q2: Why is this so discounted?

I know most teachers are spending their own money. I want to keep it as low as possible to help more students.

Q3: How much time is this going to take?

You will need to invest a couple hours to do the on-demand training. You’ll also need time to prep the materials – probably 20-30.

Then you need to set aside 10-15 minutes a day to do the three-part drill: reviewing the sounds, blending words, and spelling sounds and words.

Q4: Will this really work for my students?

This will work for 95% of children who can learn to read. The truth is reading will be a struggle for some children with intellectual or cognitive disabilities.

I use this same method with both my kinder – 2nd reading students and my 1st-5th grade tutoring students. They are all improving with this sounds to spelling strategy.

I work with (and am a mom to) children with disabilities like autism, ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, and dysgraphia. If it’s working for them – it will work for your class.

As long as you put in the time and reach out to me for support!

Q5: Will this cost a ton of money to print?

This has a limited amount of printables compared to most of what I offer. Plus you can just print what you need as you go.

If your school doesn’t cover your printing, you should really look into HP Instant Ink. For $5 a month, you can print 100 full-color pages. There are other plans available.

Q6: What’s your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product, I’m unable to offer refunds.

I will address your concerns and support you! Send me a DM on Instagram or email me, and let me know what’s going on. Helping teachers and parents is my jam.

For way less than a leveled library, YOU’LL GET THE FOUNDATION KNOWLEDGE YOU NEED TO HELP YOUR students READ.


So, grab this now because just like thanksgiving break this offer disappears soon.

Your class can be a stronger readers. You can get them there.

sounds school is the tool to get you there

  • Sound School Training ($67 value)
  • SIMPLE Sounds & Spellings eBook ($27 value)
  • 120+ pages of Sounds to Reading CVC worksheets ($37 value)
  • BONUS: Word Mapping Activity ($10 value)
  • BONUS: Word Mapping Training ($49 value)
  • BONUS: 3 months in Private Instagram ($45 value)
  • BONUS: Phonics Read and Spell & B/D Reversals Games ($25 value)
  • BONUS: 300+ pages of Phonics Reading and Spelling Assessments ($39 value)

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