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If you've got a small kid with big feelings, if the meltdowns are a little extra, and their social skills make you cringe...

Then keep on scrolling!

Let’s get real for a quick second, exhausted parent friend. If we sat down for a mom to mom chat, would you tell me…

It's not your fault that your child is dealing with this

Which is why you need a practical, concrete guide to show your child and you how to manage feelings in order to be a good friend and classmate.



50+ pages of printables to teach your child to understand their feelings, have empathy for others, and regulate their own emotions.

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I’m Anne and I know a little something about kids with big feelings.

Hi, I’m Anne! I a former teacher and mom to three kids with big feelings.

Two Master’s degrees in education didn’t prepare me for all the challenges in parenthood, but it did give me some foundation.

Emotions are natural; dealing with them is skill. And you can teach them at home – I’ll help you!


Can’t I just tell my child how to manage their emotions?

Well, maybe. But how is that strategy working for your child and you? Chances are your child still struggles to manage big feelings, has disruptive tantrums, and can’t self-regulate from out-of-control to calm.

Children need support to learn emotional regulation (as do adults who were not taught it as children). A sequential process like you find in the Social Emotional Learning at Home is an effective way to learn coping skills.

I’m concerned about my child’s social skills because of the pandemic. Will this help?

Yes, absolutely. Emotional regulation is the foundation of social skills. Working on social skills without it is like building a house without a foundation or teaching reading without learning the alphabet.

If your child is still out of school or just returning to a hybrid situation due to the pandemic, this is the resource that will equip them to manage their feelings to do well in school and make friends.

How much time is this going to take?

Not much. Invest 10 minutes in printing out the pages you want to work with first. Then spend another 10 minutes work on them with your child.

The truth is it takes only a little time to get started, but once you do, you’ll save so much time.If your child has big feelings, you’re going to get hours back in your weeks.

Will this really work for my kid?

Yes. I’m parenting one neurodiverse kid and one who is spirited. It 100% works for them.

If I’d had access to these tools when I taught elementary school, it would have helped all my students – those with run-of-the-mill anxiety to those with severe behavioral issues.

I give you email support to help when you get stuck. Plus follow me on Instagram. And we’ll figure it out together.

Isn’t all this ink going to cost a ton of money to print?

Well, first, you don’t need to print all 50+ pages at a time. I’d recommend you just start with the first goal – Emotional Fluency. Many of those pages are all black and white.

Second, you should really look into HP Instant Ink. For $1 a month, you can print 15 full-color pages. Plans increase from there. 

What if this doesn’t work?

These printables have helped dozens of families. I use them with my own children and had other parents test them with their kids, too.

I’m so confident that you’ll find improvement in your children’s emotional skills, that I have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Just let me know which strategies you’ve tried and how it’s not working.

My children needed support during remote school. This has definitely helped!

-Linda, Mom of 2-

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