Sight Word Have Worksheet

Wondering how to teach sight words to your child? These sight word have worksheets make it a simple and positive experience for your family!

If you want to help your child learn to read, you’ve probably wondered how to teach sight words.

The good news is it can be easy. The free sight word have worksheets walk you through the steps.

Instead of endless flash card practice, spend 2 minutes clearly teaching your child about the word have. Then give them 5-8 minutes of practice.

And just like that – you’re on your way to having a reader! Grab these free sight word have worksheets.

Sight Word Have Worksheets

You will find three free sight word have worksheets in this blog post:

  • Word Mapping Sight Word Have
  • Dot the Sight Word Have
  • Spelling the Sight Word Have

You can grab them for free in the box below. These worksheets are for your personal home use or individual classroom use only. You are not allowed to post them elsewhere or distribute them widely.

If you want to see them in action and get tips for learning the sight word ‘have,’ read on.

Word Mapping Have

I used to think the word ‘have’ was an irregular word. After all, the silent e doesn’t make the vowel say its long sound.

Well, it turns out that silent e has many jobs. One of the jobs of silent e is to keep words from ending in the letter v.

To map the word have with your child, you:

  1. Say the word ‘have.’
  2. Ask your child to repeat the word.
  3. Tap the sounds in have with fingers or a manipulative like Legos
  4. Say the sounds are /h/ /a/ /v/.
  5. Draw three lines on a whiteboard.
  6. Ask your child how to spell each of the sounds.
  7. Explain the silent e rule that words in English can’t end in v.
  8. Ask your child to write the complete word and then read it.

Learn more about mapping sight words in this post.

Sight Word Have Word Mapping Worksheet

If you want more structure with word mapping ‘have,’ use this free worksheet.

Here’s how to use the sight word have worksheet:

  1. Just fold it in half before you give it to your child.
  2. Then say, “We’re going to map the word have. Repeat ‘have.'”
  3. Show your child how to tap the three sounds in the three apples.
  4. Ask your child to color them in.
  5. Map the letters that spell those sounds in the boxes.
  6. Include the silent e in the third box and teach that rule.
  7. Last, ask your child to write it twice and then read it.

You can grab more of the Word Mapping Sight Words Worksheets in the Printable Parents’ Shop.

Dab and Dot the Sight Word Have Worksheet

My kindergarten reading students love these Dab and Dot Sight Word Worksheets.

Your child will work with you to color code the bubble letters. I suggest you have your child color each sound (not letter) a different color.

Your child could color:

  • H can be purple
  • A can be green
  • VE can be blue

This helps your child see how the letters represent different sounds.

I prefer to use the stoplight colors to color code with my children and students. So we color-coded:

  • H is green for /h/ because it is a regular sound spelling
  • A is green for /a/ because it is a regular sound spelling
  • V is green for /v/ because it is a regular sound spelling
  • E is yellow to help my students slow down and remember the new rule.

Then your child will use dot markers or bingo daubers to dot all the word have. They simply read the words in the bubbles. If it is the correct word, have, they will dot it. If not, they leave it blank.

No dot markers? No problem! Just use crayons or markers to color in the circles.

Interested in more Dot the Sight Word worksheets? Grab the set of all 220 Dolch Sight Words here!

Spell and Read the Sight Word Have Worksheet

If you have older children who are still learning their sight words, you are not alone. I actually made these worksheets for my daughter when she was in first grade.

She was having a terrible time spelling anything! The following year, we got her diagnosed with dyslexia.

These worksheets are great if your child can read the word, but cannot spell the sight words. But they’re also helpful for kids learning to read and spell. If you can spell it, you’re almost guaranteed to read it!

Like in the Dot the Sight Words, you start by having your child color code the letters in the word.

Then your child will:

  • trace the word have
  • spell the word have
  • fill in the word have into two sentences
  • create their own sentence with have

This gives your child so many opportunities to build their skills with the word have.

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More Sight Word Worksheets

There are 220 Dolch Sight Words. I have free worksheets for these words:

But you can save time and grab all the words in this mega bundle:

Using Free Sight Word Have Worksheets

These worksheets are all simple to use.  Most likely, you have the supplies you need for these printables at home.

All you need to do is print them out and step aside 5 minutes with your child.

Grab them by clicking on the image below. Then let me know how it goes!


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