Sight Word Am Worksheets

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Is your child ready for sight words? Check out these free sight word am worksheets to help your child master this word quickly.

“Here’s a list of words to memorize!”

I used to tell parents their child needed to memorize sight words.

But many higg-frequency words, or sight words, follow common phonics patterns. It’s better to teach these by connecting sounds to letters.

So in this post you can grab some free sight word worksheets for the word ‘am.’

These worksheets guide your child and you through practice so you can ditch memorization. Simply send five minutes doing one worksheet and your child can master the word for good!

Sight Word Am Worksheets

You can grab 3 free sight word am worksheets in this blog post. The worksheets are:

  • Word Mapping Am Worksheet
  • Dot the Sight Word Am Worksheet
  • Read and Spell Am Worksheet

These worksheets are meant for your personal home use with your own child or for one classroom teacher to use in one classroom. Please direct people to this page instead of sharing online.

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Sight Word Am

The sight word am is usually pretty easy for children to learn. When you’re thinking about how to teach sight words, it’s great to start with two letter words.

The trickiest thing in the /m/ sound is a nasal sound.  We say sounds together, or co-articulate them.

Our mouth is getting ready for the next sounds as it says the first. So the /a/ in am changes slightly. It is still short a.

When you teach the sight word am, it’s helpful to learn words like Sam, jam, and bam at the same time.

When do children learn the sight word am?

The sight word am is usually learned in kindergarten. It is a high-frequency word and very useful.

Kindergarten students like to talk and write about themselves. So, using the word “am” helps them do that.

How do I teach the sight word am?

The sight word am is a decodable word.  It does not need to be memorized. It needs to be taught.

To teach your child the sight word am, try this:

  1. Grab two Legos or MegaBlocks.
  2. Tell your child, “We’re going to learn the word ‘am’.”
  3. Say, “Repeat the word. Am.”
  4. Your child repeats the word.
  5. Say, “How many sounds do we hear in am? We hear two sound. /aaaa/ and /mmm/.”
  6. Show your child the blocks.
  7. Say, “Tap the sounds: /aaa/ /mmm/.”
  8. Your child taps the blocks.
  9. Grab a whiteboard and draw two lines.
  10. Say, “Do you know what letter spells the sound /a/?”
  11. Write the letter a.
  12. Say, “Do you know what letter spells the soud /m/?”
  13. Write the letter m.
  14. Then rewrite and ask your child to read it.

Another option is to just use the free Word Mapping the Sight Word worksheet.

Word Mapping the Sight Word Worksheet

In this worksheet, you will walk your child through the steps to word map the word ‘am.’

The first time you do these worksheets with your child, it can be really useful to have a copy for yourself.

Fold your worksheet and your child’s worksheet in half. You want your child to hear the word ‘am’ before they see it.

You can word mapping the sight word am but using these steps:

  1. Color the number of apples that represent the sounds in ‘am.’ There are two sounds so your child colors in two apples.
  2. Map the letters that spell those sounds. There are just two sounds: /a/ and /m/.
  3. Write the word on the lines. It’s important to see the word put together.
  4. Read those words.

Then you can flip to the bottom half of the worksheet.  Your child will get more practice with the word ‘am.’

Your child will:

  1. Color code the word. I used green because the sound-spellings are all predictable in this word.
  2. Read the sounds and blend the word.
  3. Find and circle the word.
  4. Spell the word.

The great thing about this worksheet is your child will be able to read and spell the word ‘am’ when they are finished!

Dot the Sight Word Worksheet

My students and children love to use dot markers or bingo daubers. It makes learning activities so fun.

You can also use crayons to color in the circles.

In the large bubble letters, color code the letters. I use the traffic light colors when color-coding sight words:

  • green for expected sound spellings,
  • yellow for advanced sound spellings my students haven’t learned yet, and
  • red for unpredictable and irregular sound-spellings.

In the word am, it is color coded green because the sounds are spelled in the expected way.

Read and Spell the Sight Word Worksheet

This worksheet is for children with slightly more advanced skills. Not all kindergarten students will be ready to do this worksheet. It might be best for older children who need extra support.

On this worksheet your child:

  1. Color codes the sight word.
  2. Trace the word with their pencil.
  3. Spells the word twice.
  4. Fills in the word on the blank line.
  5. Writes a complete sentence.

If your child can already read the word am, but can’t spell it, these worksheets are for them!

More Sight Word Worksheets

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Sight Word Read and Spell Worksheets

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Dot the Sight Words Worksheets

This set has all 220 of the Dolch Sight Words.  Your child will love using bingo daubers or dot markers to fill in the circles. You can also use crayons or markers to color them in.

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Word Mapping Sight Words by Phonics Skills

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