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Looking for a fun and easy way to countdown to Christmas? Grab this free Santa Countdown Printable and some simple craft supplies.

Welcome to Day 1 of 12 Days of Christmas Printables.

This my thank you gift to you for your support of this small printables business.

I wanted to do something this year to show my appreciation for you.

Every share, every like, every comment, every printables purchase – they matter. It helps.

So we’re kicking off Day 1 with a Santa Countdown printable.

Santa Countdown Printable

This Santa Countdown printable is an easy way to countdown to Christmas. Grab the printable at the bottom of this post.

Time is abstract to children. 

My four-year-old has been asking since Halloween, “Is Christmas is tomorrow?”

Using an Advent calendar like this printable helps children see in a tangible way how many days remain.

You can countdown starting at 24 to see how many days are remaining until Christmas.

You can start at 1 for December first and work your way to December 24. Either way works!

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How to Use the Printable

This is an easy yet flexible printable – use whatever supplies you have on hand.

Cottonball Santa

Use can glue white cottonballs for Santa’s beard and part of his hat,

Pom pom Santa

Grab a pack of pom poms (make sure there is red and white!) and glue those down for Santa’s bread and hat.

Dot Stickers

If you’ve been around for a while, you know how much I love dot stickers for developing pencil grip.  Peel one of those stickers off each day and have your child cover the number.

Dot Markers

I like dot markers for working on hand-eye coordination. It’s hard to get right in a small spot of many children.  Dot markers help practice this skill.

12 Days of Christmas Printables

The Santa Countdown printable is for Day 1 of 12 Days of Christmas Printables. Check back tomorrow for another new printable.

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