Printable Christmas Math Games – 12 Days of Christmas

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The best way to keep kids practicing math is to make it fun! Grab these printable Christmas math games and have fun while learning.

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Who says math practice needs to be a worksheet? Don’t get me wrong – there is value in pencil and paper exercises.

But when learning to count or practicing recalling math facts, games are definitely the way to go.

So grab a die, some small pieces, and download these printable Christmas Math Games for preschoolers and early elementary child.

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Printable Christmas Math Games

In this single printable file, you’ll get three different versions.  Scroll down to the bottom of the post to grab the printable.

Choose the printable that is best for your child. Then save the email for next year when you can use another version for your child.

The only supplies you need are one die and some small game pieces. We like these:

Foam Dice

I like that they are larger than traditional dice so it’s less of a choking hazard and they don’t get lost as easily. Plus they aren’t noisy.


I like to use min-erasers for our board game pieces because they are just the right size. Lego pieces or coins would work too!

Using the Christmas Counting Game

The Christmas Counting Board Game for preschoolers (pictured above) is really easy to use. Your child simply rolls, counts the dots on the die, and moves the correct number of spaces.

The goal for this game is two-part:

  • Subitizing: this is a math word for recognizing a quantity immediately and having a visual understanding.
  • One-to-one correspondence: your child correctly counts one number for one space.

With this board game, your child can play alone, or you can play with your child. Board games are a great opportunity for turn-taking and winning and losing graciously.

How to Use the Christmas Count then Color Game

This game is similar to the first: your child rolls and counts.

This time your child colors all the squares. Use a different color of crayon or marker each time.

So the first roll pictured above was 3 – so three spaces were colored in with red.

Let’s say the second roll is 5 – use green or blue to color those spaces.

This expands on one-to-one correspondence and helps your child visualize the quantity.

Plus your child can play alone with some supervision from you.

Christmas Math Facts Board Game

This game is geared to early elementary children (so think 6-8 years old). Children need to have fluency with math facts in order to do multi-digit addition and subtraction or to solve word problems.

Games are the perfect way to build fluency – because practice makes permanent. Worksheet practice isn’t as fun.

If you like this math fact game, your child will love the addition math facts board games!

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