Make Time for Gratitude with Custom Thank You Notes

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There has never been a better time to show gratitude. Your family can use custom thank you notes to express appreciation for those you love.

As parents in a time of so much uncertainty, there is one practice I always return to: gratitude.

Showing my thankfulness to my family and friends strengthens those connections and reminds me that relationships are what is truly important in life. This is a perfect time for all overwhelmed parents to take a few minutes, consider for whom we are thankful, and express that gratitude in a manageable and meaningful way.

Writing thank you notes is a tangible and practical way we can express gratitude given today’s unique challenges.

For years I have ordered my custom thank you notes, Christmas cards, and other stationary from the same online stationary company.  As busy parents, often times we don’t have an extra five minutes to check out a different website or retailer, even if it might save us time and energy in the long run.

But recently I tried out Basic Invite’s custom thank you notes. I needed to write thank you notes for my newborn son Patrick’s baby gifts, and I was really impressed with Basic Invite. I wanted to share with you how it will save busy parents valuable time and frustration, and still deliver you with an outstanding quality product.

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Efficient and Easy to Use

Sometimes the websites for stationary companies can be slow and clunky to navigate. That was not the case with Basic Invite.  Instead I found the website to be fast and intuitive.

With the navigation menu, it was easy to find the stationary products I was looking for. Scrolling through the design options was a breeze.  When it was time to select and edit my custom baby shower thank you cards, I was able to understand the available options in seconds.

On the editing screen, there is a color palette, text editing tools, and other features.  In my experience with other companies, you have to navigate to those options and wait for them to load. This can be very time consuming.

Furthermore, when I was editing, I didn’t experience any bugs or delays like I have with other online stationary companies.  Instead it was a smooth design and ordering process.

Basic Invite demonstrates that they value the customer experience. The website demonstrates they put thought and resources into giving consumers loads of options while also valuing speed.

As busy parents, we don’t have a minute to waste on website that has tons of technical errors or is clunky to operate. Basic Invite makes sure the user experience is seamless.

Countless Customization Options

It seems like the ways you can customize on Basic Invite are limitless! It has more customization options than I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve made personalized stationary through online services for many years.

The quantity of color options is incredible – there are 180 different color options so you are able to design exactly the card you want. There is a coordinated color palette on the editing screen for each card. If design isn’t your strong suit (like me!) the coordinating colors are an invaluable tool.

Basic Invite gives users the ability to add text boxes in a design. If you want to add a different phrase or more details, you can add an extra text box. Other stationary services don’t allow extra text boxes and strictly limit the amount of characters you can use within their standard text boxes.

For my Baby Shower thank you notes, I discovered that I was able to edit the text that is already part of a design. I’ve never encountered this with other stationary companies.  For example, if the design says “Thank you,” you can put a more casual “Thanks” if that’s your style.

Outstanding Quality

When my custom thank you cards arrived from Basic Invite, my husband commented, “Wow, this looks really professional.” The cards were placed inside a white folder to prevent damage.

My Baby Shower thank you notes are printed on a thick, high-quality cardstock, and the colors are printed just as vibrantly as they appeared on the computer screen.  Basic Invite provides envelopes that are peel and seal.  It’s a relief not to have to lick dozens of envelopes anymore.

While I’ve noticed diminished quality of other stationary services over the past few years, Basic Invite’s thank you notes had an impressive quality.

Unique Value for Customers

Basic Invite offers a few unique values for its customers.  First, it has an address capturing service. You can put out a link on social media to request your family and friends’ addresses. Then it’s stored in your account so you can easily address the cards to your recipients.

While I didn’t try this service out because I have a limited amount of thank you notes to write, I think this would be helpful at the holidays.

At the time I ordered, Basic Invites was offering free return address on the envelopes and free recipient addressing. This is a huge time-saver for busy parents and it is an incredible value that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

Basic Invite also offers a free sample of card designs. Do you know someone who is planning a wedding or needs wedding thank you photo cards? Basic Invite will send a free sample so customers can actually get the full experience without any hesitation.

I wish I’d had that option when my husband and I got married! To me that demonstrates a complete commitment to quality and a customer-centered approach.

If you want to experience Basic Invite for yourself, you’re in luck.  Right now, Basic Invite is also offering us a coupon code for 15% off. Just enter the code 15FF51 at checkout.


With all that’s going on in our world today, we’re seeing the value of our relationships.  Connectedness is important, and Basic Invite supports that with their high-quality products.  I encourage you to think about how you’d like to express your gratitude to the important people in your life.

Whether you need baby shower thank you notes like I did, or another type of custom thank you note, Basic Invite will supply you personalized stationary to meet your family’s needs.

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