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Do you wake up in a cold sweat worried that your child won't make friends? Totally unsure that you've prepared your child to read? Are you dreading that first day of school drop off?

Then keep scrolling...

If we sat down for a face to face mom chat, would you tell me your child

Listen, I get it. And it's not your fault.

School's different from when we were kids. More is expected.

Which is why you need a concrete, practical tool to guide you on preparing your child.


Kindergarten Kit

Everything Alphabet Printable Pack

Social Emotional Learning at Home

"My daughter made great progress in learning letters. She can do all 26 upper and lower now!"
-Renee, mom of 3-

"I was concerned about the school closures and the effect on social skills. This has helped!"
-Linda, mom of 2-



just $29

$108 value


Hi, I’m Anne! I am a mom of three and a former teacher.

With two Master’s degrees in education and 11 years of experience teaching, I know exactly what children need to learn to be ready for school.

I’ve tested the Kindergarten Kit with my own children – and it works!


Special Bonus

Everything you need to teach your child numbers!

$18 value!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just get a workbook at Target?

Yes,  for the alphabet you could. But they are not as effective. This bundle has the repetition proven to help children be successful. Plus it targets skills like cutting, gluing, and visual discrimination that most workbooks leave out.

There is nothing like the Social-Emotional Learning at Home Pack available (that I’ve seen!)

How long will it take to go through this? I’m strapped for time.

Until school starts,  just consistently spend 10-15 minutes a day.  You’ll be able to complete most of the activities.

But you’re going to save yourself so much time in the long run when you’re not up late worrying. You’ll also be able to prevent playing catch up with some skills in kindergarten and save time with that.

Can my kindergarten or first grader use this?

Definitely! If your child needs letter name or letter sound review, or if your child needs practice with cutting, tracing, or other fine motor, this bundle will work for them! 


Do we need really need this many pages?

Repetition is critical! Each unit of the bundle targets a different fine motor skill in addition to the alphabet and/or letter sounds. You can do all the pages or pick and choose what makes sense for your child based on their needs.

How do I print this?

I use and wholeheartedly recommend HP Instant Ink. Plans start at 50 full color or black and white copies per month for just $2.99. I use the $4.99/month plan for 100 pages.

Can I share these with my team/friends/students’ parents/clients?

These are just for personal home or individual classroom use. It violates the clip art creators and my copyright to share them or post them elsewhere. Feel free to direct your friends to this page, and if you work for a school, district, or in another professional capacity email me:

What if it doesn’t work for us?

I’m so confident it will make a difference for your child, I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. After you complete several activities, if you find it isn’t working, contact me for a refund.


Just $109

Just $29

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