Free Letter to Santa Printable – 12 Days of Christmas

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Need your child to nail down their wish list for Santa? Grab this free letter to Santa printable and get the list done!

Welcome to Day 3 of 12 Days of Christmas Printables. This is my thank-you to you for being a part of this community and supporting this small family business.


If your children are like mine, they’ve been talking about what they want for Christmas since October 1.

Writing a letter to Santa is a win-win in my book. My children get practice with writing and I get an opportunity to set boundaries on their expectations for Christmas gifts,

Use this simple, purposeful, and free letter to Santa printable to get a good grasp on those Christmas lists!

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white girl in santa hat writes letter to santa with red background and text reads free santa letter printable and black girl in red sweater writes in front of tree and presetns

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Free Letter To Santa Printable

Snag this free letter to Santa printable at the bottom of this post. Just scroll on down to skip all the information if you’re ready to get started,

The letter printable is geared towards children in 1st through 3rd grade (6-9 years old).  Children this age tend to already have skills for writing like an idea of how to form sentence and use phonetic spelling.

But if you have a younger, you can certainly use it.  You can write as your child dictates or just encourage them to do their best prestend writing.

Listen, though, before you encourage your preschooler to write this letter, remember that good pencil grip habits are really important.

What About Reluctant Writers?

Well, my daughter was recetnly diagnosed with dysgraphia so I know all about reluctant writers.

Here’s how I helped her:

  • We brainstormed what she’d write together.
  • I write the date on a whiteboard daily during distance learning, and now for homeschool so she can copy it.
  • We got three post-it notes (one for each sentence) and spelled the keywords together (ie she wants a Baby Alive so we stretched out “baby” and she wrote letters for each sound).
  • She saved the Target toy catalog and had it as a resource.
  • We have a writing dictionary from her old school.  This is a similar product that appears really helpful.
  • We use a sandtimer and she takes a break – yes it takes longer, but I have to respect that writing is difficult for her.

I’ll be writing a lot more about reluctant writers in the future, so let me know in the comments what your concerns are.

free letter to santa printable black and white with green ink for date and greeting

Friendly Letter to Santa

While I created this printable to share with you,  have to admit that it was also for my daughter.  This is like no other letter template I found online because it’s geared towards proper writing.

My daughter is in 2nd grade and learning how to write a friendly letter is a grade-level standard.  Besides writing in complete sentences and using phonetic spelling, early elementary children need to use the correct formation.

There are two skills: children need to use the correct parts of a friendly letter. The next step is to put them in the correct place on the letter.

These are the letter parts you’ll want to include:

  • Date
  • Greeting (ie Dear Santa)
  • Body (the content of the letter)
  • Closing (ie love, sincerely, your friend, etc)
  • Signature (your child’s name)

In the picture above you can see where I placed the date and the greeting.  The closing and signature go on the spaces in the lower left hand corner.

Santa Wishlist Printable

Another bonus of this printable letter is that it’s also a santa wishlist printable. My daughter has changed her mind a dozen times about what she wants for Christmas.

So when she wrote her letter, I suggested she tell Santa three things she wanted the most. Then I told her Santa would chose one toy.

I also said once we mailed the letter, she couldn’t change her mind anymore. Santa is just too busy for that – haha!

Black and White Santa Template

Let me tell you – I have adorable colorful Christmas clip art.  But this printable is purposefully black and white.

Thiis way, your child has a chance to color Santa the right color for your family. Unfortunately, Santa is still usually depicted as white and that is not representative of millions of children in the US who celebrate Christmas (or hundreds of millions around the world).

So use this black and white Santa template to allow your child to have the chance to choose the skin color for Santa that best represents your family or your values.

What about Christmas thank-you notes? We’ve got them here!

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