Christmas Alphabet Matching Printable – 12 Days of Christmas

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Looking for a fun way to practice the alphabet this holiday season? Your preschooler will love this Christmas Alphabet Matching Printable.

Welcome to Day 6 of the 12 Days of Christmas Printables. This free series is my thank you to this community. Every share, every comment, every like, every purchase matters. Thanks for your support of this family-run, small business.


You have 532 things to do right now. Finding something to keep your preschooler busy doesn’t have to be one of them!

The free Christmas Lights Alphabet Matching Printable is a fun and purposeful way to keep your child entertained so you have enough time to cross of that Christmas to-do list.

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Christmas Alphabet Matching Printable

The Christmas Alphabet Matching printable is perfect for a festive way to practice the alphabet. Scroll on down to sign up to get it sent straight to your email inbox.

Once you’ve printed it you just need to grab your letter magnets or letter beads.

I sorted out the green and red for extra fun but you can use any colors.

Then demonstrate for your child how to match the letters to the Christmas Alphabet Matching printable.

Now if your child seems overwhelmed, don’t give all 26 letters.  Start with just 3 (or even 1 or 2).

It’s more important to build success and enjoyment than it is to do the activity “correctly.”

A few days later, you can pull this activity sheet out again and try with a few more letters.

Identifying Letters Is Important

So why did I create this Christmas Alphabet Matching printable to share with you? Well, it is super cute.

But really it’s because learning the alphabet is important. I’m going to take a quick second to get on my second-grade teacher and disability advocate hat.

I’ve been troubled lately to read some Instagram influencers say we just need to calm down and not worry about preschool-age children learning the alphabet.

Um? What!

I really have a hard time wrapping my brain around this well-intentioned but terribly misguided advice. The alphabet and letter sounds are the foundation of reading.

Fluency with letter naming (ie identifying the letters effortlessly and quickly) is predictive of future reading success.

The part I find more troubling is the assumption that all kids are going to just learn the alphabet “when they’re ready.”


Around 20% of all children and early elementary students have either a developmental disability or a learning disability. They don’t just learn when they are ready.

Some children have no learning differences but just need a lot more repetition to learn this skill.

And that’s okay.

Please don’t feel the need to do flashcards with a 2-year-old. That’s really not necessary,

But yes,  you can teach your child the alphabet in a fun and playful way. If learning letters is your goal, go for it.

You are right – it is important for your child to learn their letters.

Using the Christmas Alphabet Matching Printable

  • No alphabet magnets or beads? No problem?

Grab pompoms or another small manipulative. You could use legos or coins.

Since you’re able to print as many copies of this (for personal or single classroom use only!) as you like, you can also use dot markers or dot stickers.

Once you have your supplies,  call out the letters for your child to cover!

  • Your child already knows the capital letters?

Great! That’s huge.

Your child is ready to try matching the lowercase letters to these capital letters!

  • No preschooler? No problem!

Your older child will also enjoy this.  Say the letter sounds to your child.

Try making /d/ and encourage your child to cover or dot the letter D.


Learning the alphabet is important. Having fun and playing is important.

Grab this free Christmas Alphabet Matching Printable and have a festive time playing with letters with your child.


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