*Final Update* 400 Items in 40 Days Declutter Challenge

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Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas from Pexels

For the 40 Days of Lent, I committed to a 400 items in 40 Days Declutter Challenge.

I can’t handle the KonMari method of pulling everything out – it’s way too overwhelming for me.  Instead I decluttered a manageable 10 items a day. See more about the declutter challenge and get the free printable here.

My strategy for the final weeks was to dig a little deeper from more hidden junk. Here’s what I’ve found during these last weeks of the Declutter Challenge.

Week 6 Declutter Challenge Update


I decluttered a bunch of junkie toys. If you count the puzzle as one, it was seven items I tossed into the trash.


I decluttered a stash of 17 puzzles and randon cards.  I ended up selling a lot of 6 Paw Patrol Puzzles for $4 on Facebook and gave the rest away on my local Buy Nothing group.


I decluttered our kids cup drawer. It was overflowing and we could barely close it.  It found 29 items – many of the lids and cups were warped.

These items were recycled or thrown in the trash.


I went through our orphan sock drawer.  I matched 10 pairs our children have outgrown and I gave away on our Buy Nothing group. I finally tossed a stash of 20 more lonely socks.


Sundays don’t count in the 40 Days of Lent so I didn’t declutter anything.


I headed back to my children’s rooms and quickly sorted through their books.  I recycled 4 books held together with packing tape and donated 6 more.


I sorted through a bin of educational materials from our daughter’s school or that I used when I home-schooled her for Pre-K.  I recycled 20 items.

Week 7 Declutter Challenge Update

Here’s what I found my final partial week:


I went through our pantry and found 11 items of expired food and drinks or items we’ll never use. I tossed the expired stuff and gave away the rest on my local Buy Nothing group.


I went through basket I have on my desk and recycled or trashed 15 empty boxes, some old drawings of my daughters, extra unused moving and baby announcements, and some chocking hazard plastic balls!


My rag bin was overflowing so I gave away 15 rags on my local Buy Nothing group.

Weekly item totals:

Week 1: 72 items
Week 2: 84 items
Week 3: 87 items
Week 4: 94 items
Week 5: 81 items
Week 6: 113 items
Week 7: 41 items

Total: 572 items

I crushed my goal of decluttering 400 items.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t touch the garage and barely sorted through my clothes.  I have a ton of work left to do but it feels good to be — items lighter.

I’ve decided a few things:

  1. I want to quit buying stuff and bringing it into our house.
  2. I need a regular practice of decluttering.
  3. I’m going to identify places in the house to go through each year. Stay tuned for a printable for that.

What have you decluttered this week? Drop a comment!


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