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Eight Minutes to Extra Cash – free printable

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Want to hear something that seems too good to be true? You can make extra cash in just a few minutes each week by simply doing your regular grocery shopping!

It doesn’t take hours! You can save money in less time that it takes to scroll through Pinterest or Instagram.

Disclosure: This post contains my referral links for two services I have used for years and would recommend to family members. By using my links, Printable Parents could earn a small commission to offset operating costs.

This past week I made $14.25 from my regular grocery trip at Fred Meyer with Ibotta and you can, too!

How does Ibotta work?

Ibotta is a free app that gives you cash rebates on items you buy at the grocery store. There are hundreds of offers with new ones being added all the time.

It works at hundreds of grocery stores and retail chains.  You simply purchase the selected items, upload your receipt, and put extra cash back in your pocket. The best part: it only takes a few minutes to get extra cash!

I’ll give you all the details complete with screen shots, so let’s get to earning extra cash!

How do I get started with Ibotta?

First, register here and create an account. You register with your email address or with Facebook.

You’ll qualify for up to $20 in bonuses when you redeem your first few offers.  When you join with my referral link, we’ll be on the same team which means we’ll earn faster, too!

After you register, download the Ibotta app to your phone and log in.

Next, you need to look for your preferred retailer. From the home screen, search for your favorite stores.

I use Fred Meyer for Click List grocery pick up and I’ve tapped the star in the top corner to show it’s a preferred retailer for me.

Extra Cash in Just Eight Minutes

I love saving money so scrolling through Ibotta is fun for me and not all that different than visiting a social media app.

Nonetheless, since I routinely earn about $3-5 a week, the time commitment for using Ibotta needs to reflect the money I earn. That is why I’ll teach you to how to use Ibotta in about eight minutes a week.

Locate Offers (Minutes 1-3)

Open the Ibotta app and select your preferred retailer for grocery shopping from your home page.  Scroll through and add the offers.

Some of the offers include short videos you need to watch or quizzes to take but these are generally 10 second commitments.

As you look at the offers, be choosy. Here’s the key: it’s a waste of money if it’s not something you need.

Be sure to check out the any item offers.  The top header slides to the right so you can quickly select “Any Item.” This particular week there were offers for $0.25 for any brand walnuts, $0.25 for any cat litter, and $0.25 for any protein powder,  plus a few others. Many times there are offers for produce and dairy, too.

Leverage the bonuses (Minute 4)

Always check your bonuses. Tap the Account icon on the footer toolbar and then tap Bonuses.

This week, I had a bonus for an extra $3 when I redeemed 7 different offers.  I usually get these bonuses a few times a month and it seems the bonuses are usually available closer to the weekends. I have seen mid-week bonuses, too. Read the fine print for exclusions like Any Brand and Any Item offers and for the date when the bonus expires.

This week, the $3 bonus divided by 7 items generates an extra $0.43 per item. When I factored in the additional $0.43 per item, it made some of the offers more appealing.

For example, this week there was an offer for $0.55 for any Horizon milk (single-serve included).   When I factored in the extra $0.43, it was like getting $0.98 rebate for a $1.25 milk for my toddler’s lunch box.  Done!

Make your list (Minutes 5-7)

Navigate to the My Offers icon at the bottom toolbar of the app. Select the store you plan to shop and you’ll see all the offers you added.

From this list, add those items to your grocery list. I have a free printable grocery list you can use to organize your shopping list and note the items that have a rebate to focus your shopping.

When I use the Fred Meyer app to order my grocery pick up, I can check the price and any available e-coupons and decide if its a good deal for my family.

For example, Pull-ups are on sale for $8.99 this week and there is an e-coupon for $2 off. After I factor in the Ibotta rebate for $2 and bonus of $0.43, $4.56 is a great price for my family.

If you shop in store, use your printable grocery list to check to make sure the Ibotta items are still a good deal.   You can also use the scanner in the app to double check in store that you have the correct item.

Scan your receipt (Minute 8)

When you get home from the store, you’ll need to open up the app and scan your receipt.  Occasionally you will need to scan the barcode on the product, too.  You have about a week to scan and submit your receipt but I recommend you do it the same day before you have a chance to lose the receipt.

How Do I Cash Out?

Once you reach a minimum of $20 you can cash out. Ibotta offers PayPal and Venmo if you prefer the flexibility of cash back.

You can also cash out for tons of retail gift cards like Amazon, Target, Nike, and Whole Foods.  Ibotta offers gift cards for restaurants like Starbucks, Red Robin, and Chipotle.  The gift cards are sent immediately via email.

I’ve only cashed out for gift cards because I’m not motivated enough to set up Pay Pal or Venmo accounts.  Also I tend to use Ibotta as an additional gifts budget. I’ll get a Starbucks card from Ibotta and then redeem it in store for physical $5 or $10 gift cards for teachers. I’ve used Amazon and Target gift cards for birthday presents.

Earn Even More With Ibotta

You can also make in-app purchases with Ibotta with popular retailers like Groupon. Currently there is an offer for 8% rebate on purchases. I’ve used Ibotta twice for Groupon with no problems.

It can take up to 45 days for the credit to appear. Make sure to take screenshots as you complete your purchases though the app.

Be sure to check out the rules for retailers like Amazon and Target.  The qualifying items are pretty restrictive and usually it’s not worth the extra hassle to me. I have not successfully used Ibotta for those retailers but I have successfully used Swagbucks.

It is possible to get extra cash in just a few minutes. In less time that it takes to check Facebook, you can put extra cash in your wallet.  Register for Ibotta, download the app, get a free grocery printable, and get to saving your cash!

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