Easy Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Printable – 12 Days of Christmas

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Heading out to look at holiday decorations? Grab this Easy Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt printable for extra holiday fun!

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Looking at Christmas lights in the neighborhood is one of the highlights of our year. And this year since everything else seems to be canceled for COVID-19, we’re glad to have this safe tradition.

We’re actually planning to go every weekend until Christmas since the preschool concert and children’s museum Santa party are canceled.

To make it more fun, use these easy Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt printables.

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Easy Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Printable

There are tons of scavenger hunts available on the internet. This easy Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt printable is better in my opinion!

This printable has pictures This makes it more accessible for non-readers.

It’s all geared to be a tic-taco-toe, too, so it can be finished more quickly and every child in your car has a chance to be successful.

christmas light tic-tac-toe printable on a green clipboard with green marker easy christmas light scavenger hunt

Using a Scavenger Hunt Printable for Christmas Decorations

It’s simple to use this printable:

  • Print these out – scroll on down!
  • Place on a clipboard.
  • Give your child a writing tool (I prefer washable markers).
  • Head out to look at the decorations.
  • Mark off.

We went initially for tic-tac-toe (or three in a row) to make it really easy.

But then my 8-year-old went ahead and found all 9 items and did blackout on her tic-tac-toe.

In this printable file, there are 3 boards. So up to 3 children in your family can have a unique board.

Free Christmas Tic-Tac-Toe

If you’re looking for another way to use this printable – print two copies of the same page.

Cut one page apart and then use the 2nd page as a base.  Encourage your preschooler to match the pictures.

This uses an important skill called visual discrimination.  It’s an important precursor skill for reading, writing, and math.

If you are stuck indoors, grab some painter’s tape and tape the pictures to the walls around your home.  Encourage your child to run and find those pictures. Then your child will match them to the full page.

This way, your child is building this important visual discrimination skill AND getting some movement!


An easy printable Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt is a great way to safely celebrate the holiday season. Print these out and have some fun!

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