CVC Words Flashcards Printable

You know you need to teach CVC Words to your child but you’re not sure where to start? Try these fun and free CVC Words Flashcards Printable.

Your child is going to love these free printable CVC Word Flashcards. You’re going to love how motivated your child is to read.

There is something so magical when a child begins to blend sounds into CVC words. Reading is really starting to happen!

So to help your child and you in your learning to read journey, you can grab 100 free CVC word flashcards.

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CVC Word Flashcards Printable

You can grab 100 free CVC Words flashcards in this blog post.

There are both color and black and white CVC word flashcards included in this free download.

You can get these free CVC Word Flashcards by entering your information in the box below.

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Before Reading CVC Words Flashcards

So you want to teach your child to read. But your child needs a few skills prior to decoding (or sounding out) CVC words. They need to know:

  • letter sounds
  • how to break words apart (segment words)
  • to blend sounds together into a word

If you’re not sure if your child is ready, check out these two helpful posts:

CVC Flashcards with Pictures

These CVC Word Flashcards come with pictures. But why use pictures?

After all, we want children to learn to read the words.

There are two main benefits:

  1. Pictures create a self-checking flashcard
  2. Using pictures builds your child’s vocabulary

Self-checking CVC Flashcards

Once your child has the feel for decoding, they can use these flashcards independently.

You can give your child a few to practice reading at breakfast. While you’re loading the dishwasher, they can read and check.

With 100 CVC flashcards, you don’t need to worry about your child memorizing them too quickly. As long as you know they have the decoding skills, you can let them be semi-independent.

CVC Words Build Vocabulary

A lot of decodable CVC words are actually kind of uncommon for everyday use.

How often do you use these words?

  • tin
  • cab
  • peg

Using pictures will help your child add these words to their vocabulary. This is important because reading comprehension hinges on word recognition plus vocabulary.

So your child is getting twice the benefit with these flashcards!

Printing the CVC Words Flashcards Printable

Here are the basic steps for printing the CVC Words Flashcards:

  • save download to your computer
  • decide which version you’ll print
  • use cardstock for best results

To print these, first decide if you want to use the color CVC flashcards printable or if you prefer to use black and white printables.

Make sure to save the printable download to your computer. Then, open the printables in free Abode.

95% of the time, if someone has trouble, it’s because the printable is printed directly from their internet browser.

Then do a test to print one set back to back. They printed perfectly for me – on the first try.

But each printer has different print settings so you might need to experiment on your printer. Just make sure to hit the print back-to-back or two-sided print in your print dialog box.

I strongly recommend you use cardstock. Regular copy paper is too flimsy for a flashcard and the color picture will show through.

Using the CVC Words Flashcards Printable

To use the cvc flashcards printable, you will model for your child how to touch each sound dot. This builds this one-to-one understanding for CVC Words:

one letter represents one sound in CVC Words

At the beginning, you’ll want to sit next to your child and watch them decode each sound and blend the CVC Word. You want to check for accuracy in decoding (saying the sounds) and ease of blending.

You can incorporate the flashcards into a game, too. I often play Candy Land with my daughter and Jenga with my son but we both read a flashcard before our turns.

You can also turn the flashcards into their own matching game, too!

CVC Word Matching

Instead of printing these CVC Words Flashcards back-to-back, try printing the words single-sided. Then you can play Word Matching.

Here’s how to play CVC Word Matching:

  • Download the printable
  • Print one set of 10 words single-sided. Print the color pictures single-sided.
  • Your child will use the picture page as a matching mat. Laminate if desired.
  • Cut out the 10 words.
  • Place them face down on a surface.
  • Your child picks up a word and decodes it.
  • They place it on top of the matching picture.

You can play a similar CVC flashcard game by coloring the pictures.

Black and White CVC Words Flashcards

Originally, I made the black and white flashcards for those of you who need to save colored ink.

(Pssst…I print in color for no extra cost. You really need to check out HP Instant Ink).

I discovered this makes a fun CVC Word coloring game:

  • Print out one set of flashcards and cut them apart. They can be double-sided or just the single side with the CVC words.
  • Print the black and white page of CVC pictures that go along with the set of flashcards.
  • Ask your child to read the first word.
  • Show your child how to match it to the picture and color that picture.

When your child is done with a set of flashcards, make sure to save them for future practice and review.

Storing the CVC Words Flashcards Printable

I like to store all my phonics flashcards in this handy photo organizer case. I used my label maker to create some labels for common patterns.

After I print the CVC Words Flashcards and cut them out, I secure them in groups with a small binder clip. The cards are sorted by short vowel sounds.

I use my flashcards with my own children at home, the students I tutor,  and my kindergarten reading students at school. These little cases within the large case are perfect for keeping everything organized. Plus I can pull one individual case out at a time.

More CVC Word Resources

If your child or students need more CVC word practice, you’re in the right place! There are loads of phonics resources in the Printable Parents Shop and on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Build CVC Words Mats

These Hands-on CVC Word Mats are so simple. But they are a powerful tool to learning to read and spell.

Your child says the word and then builds it. Going from speech sounds to letters fast-tracks reading.

Find them in the Printable Parents Shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Cut and Glue CVC Words Worksheets

Reading practice can do double duty and build scissors skills.

These fun CVC Words Cut and Glue Worksheets are organized by short vowel. You can focus on learning one vowel sound at a time with your child. Then use the mixed practice pages for review.

You can also find them on Teachers Pay Teachers.

100 FREE CVC Words Flashcards

These 100 free CVC Words flashcards are sorted by short vowels. They include these words:

Short a words

Pat, van, tap, jam, bag, pad, cab, rag, sad, lab, tab, ham, lad, fan, dad, can, tag, cap, ram, lap

Short e words

Web, beg, bed, hem, wed, den, peg, hen, leg, men, pen, pet, ten, net, wet, met, vet, jet, set, get

Short i words

Bib, rib, hid, lid, rid, wig, rig, pig, big, fig, him, rim, pin, bin, tin, tip, lip, dip, kit, bit

Short o words

Rob, mob, job, pod, nod, rod, mom, cop, hop, mop, log, jog, hog, fog, dog, cot, hot, pot, rot, dot

Short u words:

Mud, dug, hug, jug, bud, cub, rub, sub, tub, tug, yum, mum, sum, hum, gum, nun, bun, pup, nut, cut

This variety of words gives your child a ton of practice.  Teaching your child to read CVC words can be simple. Grab these free printables today!


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