Apple Preschool Worksheets – Cut, Paste, and Trace


Celebrate the fall with apple preschool worksheets. Your child will develop preschool skills with these free apple printables.

Raise your hand if fall is your favorite season!

I love autumn. The crisp chill in the air. The leaves turning colors. It’s simply the best.

But you still have a preschool-age child who needs to build their learning skills.

So these apple-themed printable activities combine fun and skill-building.

Scroll down to check out the activities. Then grab your copy of the apple preschool worksheets to use with your child today!

Apple Worksheets for Preschool

Besides learning the alphabet and teaching your child to read, your preschooler needs to develop several fine motor and thinking skills before kindergarten.

The apple preschool worksheets printable pack includes five activities for your child:

  • Cut and paste Apple Worksheet
  • Add the Apples Preschool Worksheet
  • Apple Tracing Worksheet
  • Apple Same and Different Worksheet
  • Apple Themed Line Tracing Worksheet

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Cut and Paste Apple Worksheet

In this simple worksheet, your preschooler will practice cutting on a straight line. Once they have the strip of apples, your child will snip each apple.

If your child isn’t able to cut on a straight line, you can cut it for your child. But then let your child practice snipping each of the six apples.

Snipping is the quick open and close motion adults can easily do with scissors. For most children, snipping develops before cutting on a long straight line so you’ll want to give your child a lot of practice with that.

Then your child can color the pictures with crayons or markers. Last your child will glue the apples to the tree.

Skills practiced:

  • cutting
  • snipping
  • coloring
  • pasting

Add the Apples Preschool Worksheet

Your child will add the correct number of apples to each tree in the Add the Apples Preschool Worksheet.

Preschoolers need to develop number sense, or a deep understanding of numbers and the quantities they represent. Before they move into addition and subtraction, they need to build number sense with hands-on activities that sharpen their math skills for kindergarten.

Your child can use their fingertip dipped in red paint to make each apple. It’s also lots of fun to q-tip paint the apples on the tree.

If you’re reluctant to use paint, just remember it develops sensory skills for your child. It’s also a great opportunity to build self-control for your child. So give painting with preschoolers a chance!

If you don’t have red paint, your child can just use a marker or crayon to draw an apple.

Skills practiced:

  • counting
  • coloring
  • painting

Apple Tracing Worksheet

In the Apple Tracing Worksheet, your child will trace and color an apple.  Then your child will trace the capital letters for the word apple.

You can show your child how to follow the numbers to properly form each letter as they trace.

Tracing is a really important preschool skill.

First, it gives your child a chance to improve pencil grip. Second, your child practices hand-eye coordination as they trace.

Last, tracing proceeds writing. So before your child can write the alphabet, they need to be able to trace different shapes.

Skills practiced:

  • pencil grip
  • tracing
  • letter formation
  • coloring

Apple Same and Different Worksheet

On the Apple Same and Different Worksheet, your child will look at each row of objects.  Then your child will circle the object that is different in each row. Last your child will color the worksheet.

Learning to look at a group of objects and find the differences is a form of visual discrimination. Noticing these differences is important for letter recognition and many math skills.

Skills practiced:

  • visual discrimination
  • same and different
  • drawing a circle
  • coloring

Apple Themed Line Tracing Worksheet

On the apple-themed line tracing worksheet, your child will trace several different lines from apple to apple tree. The lines are straight, wavy, curvy, and diagonal.

Tracing lines worksheets helps your child develop pencil control.  These lines also help children eventually write their letters.

Letters are made of straight lines, diagonal lines, and curves.

Skills practiced:

  • tracing
  • working left to right
  • coloring

How to Use the Apple Preschool Worksheets

These worksheets are best for 3-5-year-olds. While worksheets are great for developing a lot of preschool skills, play is equally important.

(Looking for a preschool homeschool curriculum with plenty of play? Check out The Best Homeschool Preschool Curriculum).

Give your preschool child just one apple worksheet at a time. Explain the directions.

Then step back and let your child do the work themselves.

Some children are sensitive to any criticism so encourage your child for their effort. The apple preschool worksheets don’t need to be done “right” for your child to build skills.

Supplies for Apple Preschool Worksheets

You probably already have all of the supplies you need for your child to use the Apple Preschool Worksheets. This is what you need:

  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Paint
  • Q-tips (optional)
  • Printer
  • Paper

When your child finishes the Apple Preschool Worksheets, make sure to check out the Pumpkin Preschool Worksheets.

Looking for More Apple Preschool Worksheets?

If your preschool or kindergarten student needs more apple worksheets, the Apple Dot the Alphabet Worksheets are just what you need.

It has all 26 letters of the alphabet plus an optional cover so you can bind it as a workbook if you want.

Your child will use dot markers to color code the capital and lowercase letters. Or use crayons or markers to color the apples.

Grab the whole set in the Printable Parents’ Shop.


These Apple Preschool Worksheets will help your child build many important preschool skills in a fun and thematic way.

So grab your mug of hot apple cider or that pumpkin spice latte, fire up your printer, and let your preschooler get to work.

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